Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Version of Une Annee de Style - A Common Capsule Wardrobe

After thinking a while about last week's book (Une Annee de Style), I realized that this book was basically just a variation of my old standard Common Capsule Wardrobe - a small collection of neutral, simple garments upon which one can build all kinds of personalized styles and outfits.

Let's say that you get a wild inclination to buy a fantastic tee shirt...  You find some pretty outrageous sandals that go with your tee shirt, and also a beautiful, solid scarf...

Tee – Missoni, sandals – Camper, scarf - Nordstrom

If you start with that simple core of garments that we all should own (in some variation or another)...

black cardigan- Uniqlo, black skirt - Uniqlo, tan shorts - Uniqlo, denim shirt - Uniqlo, black pants - Uniqlo, white shirt - Uniqlo, black dress - Uniqlo, black tee - Uniqlo, tan pants - Uniqlo, grey sweater - Uniqlo, white tee - Uniqlo, navy shorts - Uniqlo

You have all of these ways to wear the fabulous new tee shirt, as well as the cool green sandals and the beautiful scarf:

There are all kinds of possible variations that could be worked on this simple wardrobe. What would you like to see?  Nautical, floral, geometric?

Looking Back:

2013: I built one of my favorites- A Common Wardrobe Variation: in Navy and Coral.



  1. I love the concept of making sure that statement tops have coordinating sandals--though that concept is dangerously enabling to my shoe fetish.

  2. I really like the idea of adding one piece with a few specific, focused accessories to freshen up a basic wardrobe. It reminds me that I can enjoy an art museum with all the beautiful work and have select painting at home on my walls. I can walk through a lovely estate garden and appreciate all the abundance and have plants I chose in my own garden. Thank you for helping me fine tune my own wardrobe.

  3. This particular post may make me rethink my t-shirt purchases - normally I stick to the tried & true solids - but this gives me inspiration to expand my horizons. . . THANKS !

  4. Your concept of a common wardrobe changed the way I view my clothes, and the way I make purchases. This post exactly describes how I shop now. I can have fun with my clothes and not worry about having a closet full of mismatched items. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Nautical please!

    Ann from Maryland

  6. I LOVE when you do posts on special, wild garments. I kept putting off adding pizzaz garments to my basic wardrobe. I finally added a dress, skirt, and tee in great patterns and I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.

  7. This is where I'm branching out....the Tee's...thank you for the timely post on how to do this!

  8. I'm not sure where my earlier reply "landed", but since navy and white are my spring/summer neutrals, I also cast a vote for nautical. Thank you!

  9. Floral! I'm all about busy, complex floral prints this year.

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