Monday, May 26, 2014

Looking Back: May 26th

2011 - A now defunct website called The Burning House caused me to consider An interesting exercise in priorities.

2012 - In another variation on the seminal French Chic wardrobe, I tried Visualizing French Chic: olive, and young, and casual.

2013 - Choosing patterned scarves, and some jewelry, in Part 2, Accessories Step by Step: Khaki and Green.

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  2. Janice: I wanted to express to you just how much I have enjoyed discovering your blog this afternoon. I just returned from my own 2 week trip to Paris and like you, found that I had a few pieces left unworn. It is so refreshing to see fashion styled for "une femme d'une certain âge" that is chic, as well as wearable -- and you have done exactly that. Kudos!