Thursday, May 29, 2014

Choosing a Scarf: A Soft Summer Pastel

Even in the warmest weather, a lightweight scarf can be useful - last weekend, in the heat of Florida, I used my simple gauze scarf to keep the frigid breezes off of my neck and shoulders more than once!

But what color to choose?  You know you want to wear your new scarf with your white summer clothes, but there are so many options...

(I'm giving you six links to the six scarves, so you can see which colors I chose - there are 13 more colors available in this scarf!)
six pastel woven summer scarves
blue chambray scarf - Nordstrom, orange tangerine scarf - Nordstrom, green splash scarf - Nordstrom, tan Indochine scarf - Nordstrom, yellow zest scarf - Nordstrom, pink polish scarf - Nordstrom

These white clothes have been digitally "tarnished" a bit so that we can actually see them on the screen. In real life, they would be sparkling, crispy white.

three simple white summer pieces of clothing
Tee shirt – Zadig and Voltaire, shorts – Closed, dress – East

When you're tempted by a variety of colors, it might help to think about what ELSE you have (or might want to purchase) in that color that would help give your outfit a "planned" look when you wear the scarf.  I'm not suggesting that you're going to want to wear all of these things together (might be a bit over the top, eh?), but knowing that you'd love a beautiful blue bag, or some delightful peach sunglasses, might make your chose of scarf much more obvious.

And it's well worth considering the renewed vitality that 2 or three well coordinated accessories might bring to a wardrobe that needs a spark...

white linen tee shirt and shorts with soft denim blue accessoires
blue chambray scarf - Nordstrommesh necklace – Michal Lando Design, ring – Caine, sunglasses – Roberto Cavalli, sandals – Trotters, bag – Meckela, tee shirt – Zadig and Voltaire, shorts – Closed

simple white summer dress with soft peach accessories
orange tangerine scarf - Nordstromearrings – Withaya Cheunjit, bracelet – Mahavir, sunglasses – RAEN, bag – Proenza Schouler,  sandals – Isoladress – East

white linen tee shirt and shorts with soft mint green accessories
green splash scarf - NordstromEarrings – Claudia Baldazzi,  crocheted necklaceHeather Orr, bag – Alexander Wang, sunglasses – New Look, sandals – BP,  tee shirt – Zadig and Voltaire, shorts – Closed

simple white summer dress with rose pink accessories
Silver and rhodonite earrings – Carmen Anocibar, bracelet – Vivien Frank Designs, sandals – DV8 by Dolce Vita,  bag – TheCambridge Satchel Co. , sunglasses – Kate Spade New Yorkpink polish scarf - Nordstrom,  dress – East

white linen tee shirt and shorts with soft yellow accessories
Earrings – Kate Spade New York, 3 bracelets – Joias do Rio, bag – Roque Bags, sunglasses – Illesteva,  sandals – BCBG Generationyellow zest scarf - Nordstrom,  Tee shirt – Zadig and Voltaire, shorts – Closed

simple white summer dress with soft terra cotta accessories
Necklace – Cynthia Danquah, earrings – Vince Camuto, bag – Hobo, sunglasses – Oliver Peoples,  sandals – Hinge,tan Indochine scarf - Nordstrom,  dress – East


  1. Lovely! Summer whites always remind me of the piquenique blanc in Paris...


  2. So glad to see you back. And yes, I said to myself yesterday, I hope everything is all right with Janice. After reading your blog for so long I feel like I know you. That said, I live in Western Pa. and our summer humidity is oppressive. I have two silk scarves that I am OK wearing as long as I am in an air conditioned space. Otherwise I fell rather overwhelmed by it. I am working on some tops that have design and trim that echo the effect of a scarf. White is Summer to me. Great combinations. Welcome back! Glad you had a nice fun break, a girl always needs a break now and then.

  3. Beautiful!! Reminds me that it's time to plan the fantasy vacation. This year perhaps I'll summer in Bali. With my white linen and a trunk full of the most sublime colorful accessories.

  4. The olive on their website might have to be tried out. I've discovered that olive green works wonders for me as a neutral. Slowly shifting to it as a base along with navy.

  5. I've been lurking about your blog for about 6 or 8 months. I've learned so much from you, but especially how to use a colorful scarf to pull several garments and colors together. I've made so many great new outfits as a result, and scarves are now my fav accessory. Thanks for all you do... keep up the great work!

  6. I need guidance regarding 'how' to wear a scarf. I'm afraid that wearing a bulky scarf and/or a large knot near my neck will make me look even more top heavy. What do you recommend?

  7. Where do I place the knot, etc.?

  8. So simple, practical and elegant
    thank you Janice


  9. I am looking at my summer scarves to provide that extra flair. Any one of these scarves could "lift" the simple white. I like the blue chambray with the Trotters sandals. I would probably do a straw bag and with one piece of blue jewellery. There are so many possibilities.

  10. Ooh, I do love a good matchy-matchy look! Some gorgeous accessories there. I particularly love the apricot and the yellow as they're trending this year (and I also just like them - I do ignore fashion if it doesn't suit me).

    You could wear those sets of accessories with heaps of different colours too - black, grey, taupe and more 'colourful' colours too.