Thursday, April 24, 2014

Navy and Beige with Coral and Sun

Warm accent colors with navy and beige?  Absolutely!
all tops - L.L.Bean, scarf - Vismaya

I've changed up the cardigan again - this one is a splurge and a half, but the navy and coral are beautifully presented here:

Cardigan – Piazza Sempione, sweater- Acne Studios, blouse – PeopleTree,  striped tee – People Tree

And just to show some other possible choices, I've picked out a new skirt and a pair of outrageous summer pants.  I personally would wear these pants in a heartbeat, but your mileage may vary!
Palazzo pants –Dorothy Perkins, blouse – Velvet, skirt- ASTR, plaid pants – Isabel Marant Etoile

This gives you this 24-piece wardrobe; isn't it fascinating how changing just a few of the garments makes so much difference in the overall feel of the ensemble?

lots of stuff

As always, lots of possible ways to wear these - from the most casual, to reasonably dressy activities.



  1. I am enjoying this series immensely, mostly because my spring wardrobe capsule is navy, khaki, and coral. Seriously. With an another accent color of spring green. My capsule of about 12 items carries me happily through our short springs here in New England. With this series, I'm seeing easy ways to extend my capsule so that it can happily go through the summer. Thank you!

  2. This is a most interesting series. With some planning, most of us have more clothing choices than we dreamed possible. I am so very much past buying just for shopping's sake and instead concentrating on the one item (the splurge and a half) that makes my heart sing.

  3. hi your new Header is really great.
    but the Color combinantion of today is not mine. navy and beige - i like. but the other - grrrr.

  4. I love this series! I ordered the navy/coral skirt you featured a week or so ago, and the roses are more rose/mauve, but I can make it work with my solid navy tops. My spring/summer colors are navy, white, coral, and emerald green, but I have a few periwinkle and yellow pieces that I love. I am going to use all four accent pieces this summer and see how it goes. Thank you for all the hard work you do for us!!!

  5. Hello! Oh, my, I love this because I am a "Spring" and coral and golden tones are perfect. This is such a great series. Thanks so much, Kirsten

  6. I love your work ! is amazing thank you .

  7. Thanks for all of these posts. I've been watching this series with a lot of enthusiasm as this is exactly the way I want to edit down my bloated wardrobe! Since I am quite the curvy pear and want to keep bottoms darker (e.g. chocolate brown instead of beige), would I have to change up the neutral hues of the top half from beige to darker browns to still keep the same put-together look? Also wondering if you have any suggestions for darker neutrals which would easily move between seasons? Thanks!

    1. Dear Helen,
      I don't think you'd have to make much change to the colors of the tops, so long as you try them with the brown pants and make sure you're happy with the look. But don't be too hasty to jettison the khaki and migrate to brown - the difference that the color makes may not be as great as you think. Always remember that most people see you in motion, not just standing still, in front of a mirror, the way we look when we try on clothes.
      Darker neutrals - consider olive, which goes with everything, and is uncommon enough to be really appealing. Navy, brown, maroon (hard to find, but can be beautiful...) deep eggplant, storm cloud bluish grey, chestnut (brown with a warm reddish cast to it...) hmmm....

    2. Thanks so much for your advice. Im leaning towards olive now. Such a pretty colour!