Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Wardrobe Leverage: 3 = 30

Let's say that you are the happy owner of the 24 piece wardrobe in navy and beige that we've looked at for the last two days...  And you decide that you want a little bit of brightness for spring!

The only real thing you want to keep in mind while shopping is the degree to which anything new that you choose can be worn with your core pants and sweaters.  A scarf that includes your core colors, along with a couple of pretty accent colors, is a good place to start.  Pick up a pair of tee shirts in the accent colors, and you're on your way!

Green tee – Ralph Lauren, scarf - Halogen,  turquoise tee - Lauren by Ralph Lauren

At first, these don't see to be a particularly compatible choice for your original wardrobe:

Butterfly cardigan - Oasis, red tank - L.L.Bean, navy tank - Target, dotted blouse - People Tree, green linen shirt - L.L.Bean, white tank - Target, patterned blouse - Velvet, striped tee -  People Tree, green tank - L.L.Bean, red cardigan - L.L.Bean, blue tee - Target, navy dress - Dorothy Perkins, tweedy sweater-  Acne Studios, white tee shirt - Target, linen shorts - L.L.Bean, navy cardigan- Dorothy Perkins, linen dress - L.L.Bean, navy capris - Dorothy Perkins, ikat print skirt -  Monsoon, linen pants - L.L.Bean, navy dress pants - Dorothy Perkins, jacquard pants -  ‘S Maxmara, navy palazzo pants - Dorothy Perkins

But in fact...



  1. The bright accents bring the core alive!

  2. I love this idea! I really enjoy your posts!!

  3. Fantastic way to stretch your capsule and give it a fresh feel.

  4. It is amazing what those two t-shirts do to perk up the basics!

  5. Janice, I am learning so much every time I come here!

  6. I really love reading your blog. You have impeccable taste and you're excellent at building outfits. Always inspiring and with such beautiful colors. I would love to see more from you own closet? How do you build outfits with what you have and if you didn't have endless possibilities from the net? If you're interested I would love it if you would take a look at how I build outfits from my own wardrobe. I created a random computer program that pairs clothes and accessories and I always wear my stuff in new ways. It makes my wardrobe feel new every day. I'd value your opinion, There's also a five year shopping calendar I developed to help me make informed shopping. Anyway - I just wanted to say I get very inspired by all the beautiful pieces and the outfits to create, that you always have here.

  7. This really helps to explain why my current spring capsule is not working well. My tops do not carry over to my bottoms easily, which is severely limiting the remixing abilities of my current capsule. Thanks for the insight!