Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Summer Capsule Wardrobe, from "Ma To-Do List: Dressing"

A little more of the text from this section of the book:

"To build your "capsule wardrobe" can be intimidating, and also can represent a substantial outlay of money!  Why not take things step by step, and focus on the essentials necessary for each season.  This permits you to gradually, purchase by purchase, build an ideal wardrobe. Several paths can be considered and adapted according to your personal  needs and life style, as well as the weather where you live."

White jeans – J. Crew, striped top – Dorothy Perkins, butterfly print top – Izabel London, black sleeveless top – P.A.R.O.S.H., watercolor tee – IRO, turquoise tee – Lauren Ralph Lauren, swimsuit – Miraclesuit, beaded tunic – Antik Batik, printed tunic – Emilio Pucci, plaid dress – Suno, mariniereArmor Lux,  linen cardigan – DKNY

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  1. I guess I've been misunderstanding this. Does the same person have yesterday's spring wardrobe and today's summer wardrobes? Or you building a year round wardrobe season by season for one person?

  2. These are, I am assuming, the additions to give personality to a basic "whatever's clean" wardrobe? If not, all these prints and colors remind me of my closet before I became addicted to The Vivienne Files and had a conversion experience!

  3. Frankly, the book isn't terribly clear on what the intent is. When I'm choosing the clothes, I'm assuming that the same person is going to have yesterday's, today's, and the next two day's clothes - in fact, I'm going to show what all of the four capsules look like when taken as one wardrobe. But whether or not this is the entirety of your wardrobe, or just the add-ons to jazz things up - it's difficult to tell. I'm opting that these are add-ons....

    1. That was something I had wondered about - did they choose the clothes or did you choose them. Did they have a written list that you are working from?

      I love your site. It has taught me so much.

  4. These have to be add-ons as the summer selection looks exactly like a French wardrobe for a summer holiday e.g. what I've seen in Noumea. There's nothing here to wear to see the bank manager or go to lunch in the city or in fact go to a CBD at all without feeling out of place. But it would be simple to add a black summer dress, the universal CBD wear for summer in (very hot) Hong Kong where I live.
    Very appealing selection of items, as always.

  5. I'm intending to shop my closet when I get home and I will try to use my print items in a different way. I was in Antik Batik in Paris and they have some lovely pieces.

  6. The system works! I just kitted my style free mother out with her summer wardrobe: 3 tops, two pairs of trousers, and one cardigan. Core neutral of light fawn, colours mustard yellow and coral. Shopping the closet resulted in a blazer, a dress and a bolero that work too. The capsule system has made this unpleasant task a little easier! Lol

  7. I love this blog and want to thank you for putting all of this marvellous info in such an accessible format. I recently gave up a six figure salary to go back to post graduate study and my wardrobe needed a complete overhaul. I used your advice, created a list of what I needed to make what I had work for my new life and then I went out knowing exactly what I wanted. I bought second hand because the new life comes with zero personal income. Now this important part of my life is sorted and I feel appropriate among the twenty somethings on campus even though I'm twice their age. And I can get on with research feeling comfortable and confident. This is no small matter and I thank you.