Friday, February 28, 2014

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: From Mount Darling by Peter Simpson

So this is your dream:

From Mount Darling by Peter Simpson.  Yes, it's an oil painting!

And maybe this is your current reality:

photo: Associated Press

All the more reason you should consider shopping your dream, and at least wrapping your immediate self (i.e. your body) in the calm, soft, organic and tranquil colors of which you dream.

Start small - a simple silk tunic that can be worn with any pair of pants you own... This tunic, all on it's own, could raise your spirits for a few days!  Maybe some blue shoes, or a bag.  And your next pair of jeans could certainly be green rather than something more predictable and conformist...
From Mount Darling – Peter Simpson, tunicEmporio Armani, flats – Aerosoles, bag – Knights and Roses,  jeans - +People

So many shades of blue from which to choose - but you don't really have to choose!  Just as the sky blues all blend into beauty, in the same way you can combine shades of blue with the same overall "feel" into a harmonious whole.  And the sandy beige of the soil is an easy color to work with anything you already own, or plan to purchase.

From Mount Darling – Peter Simpson, chambray trousers – Hobbs, sweater – SuperDry,  denim skirt – Altuzarra, tunic – Lands’ End

More distinctive colors stand alone well as an uncluttered dress.  More shades of the sky, to wear near your face, and to reflect smiles onto you.
From Mount Darling – Peter Simpson, dress – Sandwich, cardigan – Majestic, cotton shirt – Uniqlo,  tee shirt – Uniqlo

A few more things, just to give you some options.  Calmness, organic beauty, and simplicity are they key words here. The green tee shirt has a bit of a pattern in it which gives the feel of sunlight playing on greenery...
From Mount Darling – Peter Simpson, ¾ sleeve tee – Uniqlo, sandals – Naturalizer, scroll-patterned tee – Biba, beige tee – Hobbs, dress – Dickens and Jones, scarf – Roda

Beautiful.  Easy to wear. Calming to see, in your closet or in a mirror.

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  1. What a lovely & serene color scheme! This may be my favorite of the Start with Art series (so far!)

  2. You're right, the wardrobes we create, while they must accommodate reality, can also be a way of giving substance to our dream reality. In winter, I'm thinking of linen and chambray, and blues and greens are the basis of my summer wardrobe, so I find this post very inspiring!

  3. Very peaceful and tranquil. It is amazing what some colors immediately communicate. Well done.

  4. I really appreciate how you not only find a series of cohesive pieces but you also explicitly show the outfits. That seems to be my downfall, buying separates I like but not being able to put them together to get dressed! Thanks J!

  5. This sings to me. :) :) :)

  6. You have now firmly established yourself as my style heroine. Your eye for detail is exquisite. The color combinations are simply stunning.

  7. I think this is the perfect color scheme for almost year-round travel. Slightly dusty, mid-range, modest...and my favorite, can all go into one washing machine along with underwear. High contrast colors are a laundry problem when traveling I think, as everything can be so expensive you don't want multiple loads. It is very pretty

  8. You are positively brillz! Love this combination. I think I could feel my blood pressure coming down just looking over the all the lovelies there. Thanks for doing what you do!

  9. OH!!! This is wonderful! Just when I think you can't come up with anything better - you do! I want to toss everything I own and shop with you!