Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm going to New York - Follow Me!

Le Pain Quotidien
My favorite breakfast place in the world...  and they have locations in New York!

I leave tomorrow morning, but I'm going to have blog posts for you at least on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - I've received lots of questions about the logistics of shopping with art as an inspiration, and I'm going to try to address them.


You could also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  I'm not a terribly frequent tweeter? twit? twitterizer?, but I think it could be a great way to share chic sightings or other fleeting thoughts.  And if I take any cool photographs, I'll share them on Instagram.  


Now, we cross our fingers about the weather.  Right now, I'm looking at white-out snow outside my window...


  1. Oh, how I wish I could meet you there for breakfast in New York, Janice!! Oh well...I will be thrilled to follow you this way! Cannot wait for your posts...I will live vicariously through them!

    1. Safe travels!


  2. Have a safe trip. Hope you get there without too many delays.

  3. Safe travels! Have fun! I'm headed to Boston for the rest of the week, and for the first time ever, I'm actually looking at cutting out 2/3 of what I'd put out to pack, thanks to you.

  4. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to your NY posts!

  5. Janice, have a wonderful trip. How many times a day do people tell you how brilliant you are? I am 70 years old, retired and overwhelmed by too many things. But my love of fashion and desire to experiment keep me purchasing more than I need. For some time I have been looking for guidance as to how to pare my stuff down while maintaining the style it has taken a lifetime to develop. Your approach is ever so helpful. Thank you, thank you.

  6. Oooh! We'll be at Le Pain Quotidien Saturday morning before the opera. It's a must stop for breakfast croissant and lunch tartines to go before the curtain. Have fun.