Saturday, January 04, 2014

Wearing Hermes Les Clef Silk Scarf All Year - January through June

I was recently asked if it was possible to wear this scarf all year 'round. (the scarf is Hermes Les Clefs - the keys - and it's only available second-hand)  This scarf is particularly versatile, because in addition to black and white, you can wear this with camel, gold, or yellow.  Camel suits the cooler weather very nicely:

Black cloche – Nordstrom, camel and cashmere coat – Burberry, tote bag – BracherEmden, boots – Ecco, earrings – GemstoneJewelry of Southern Brazil, sweater – Rag and Bone, pleated skirt – Yumi, ankle boots – Louise et Cie

 Brighter yellow is perfect for spring - and gold is ideal for dressy activities...

Cardigan – Paul Smith, pinstripe pants – Reiss, socks – Hue, loafers – Aerosoles, watch – Movado, metallic fringe trimmed dress – Altuzarra, pearl earrings – Arosha Luigi Taglia, pumps - Seychelles
Even when it gets warm, this scarf would make a great belt!

Cotton shirtdress – Hope, chevron stud earrings – Enelle London, clutch bag – Esin Akan, slingbacksTrotters, twisted rope bangle – Elyona,  tee shirt – All Saints, shorts – Dorothy Perkins, sandals – Nomad

The rest of the year will be here on Monday - have a great weekend!

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  1. Lovely ideas! I have this scarf in the black background and absolutely love it. It is gorgeous in this coloration also and, as you have pointed out, so versatile. I have worn my black scarf in the summertime also. It has a bit of ruby red as well as the gold and some light gray. No wonder this scarf is a classic. It is also one of the most commonly copied scarves by the counterfeiters, so if you decide to look for you, make sure the seller is both reputable and knowledgeable.

  2. This is a great idea! Can't wait to see the rest on Monday! I have fallen down the silk scarf rabbit hole because of this blog and I always appreciate the inspiration you provide. Would love to see this concept with other patterns and colorways in the future.

  3. I agree with Charlene - more please!

  4. Thank you for my daily inspiration. I look forward every morning to reading your blog. I am not a scarf wearer due to extreme humidity where I live, but the ideas behind the combinations inspire my developing wardrobe. I may invest in one or two scarves to use on my few trips to cold weather. Thank you for sharing the ideas!

  5. I just love your blog--it brightens my day and feeds my fantasy shopping!

  6. Thank you! Just what I wanted!


    P.S. I just finished cleaning out my closet, thanks to your inspiration. (It took 2 full days!) I will have about 8-10 large bags of clothing to donate after I sort through the rejects. Narrowing down my wardrobe to just a few colors has already simplified my life. My closet looks so clean and well-organized - and there's now "a place for everything and everything in its place."

  7. Looking at your January and February photos reminds me of my 87 year old mother who wore similar colors on a recent day of running errands with me. She wore casual camel slacks, a black merino cardigan, a red t-shirt and some smart black up-to-date casual shoes along with a handsome black handbag.

    She always looks so good in her clothes which sort of defies logic since, at 86, she is not young, at 5'1", she is not tall, and although she is petite, she carries a little bit of a tummy. Further, her posture is not perfect and she has a little bit of a hump. And yet, she would be described by anyone as a well dressed, attractive woman.

    All this goes to the point, that owning a simple well planned wardrobe in colors and shapes that are flattering is the key to looking attractive and smart at any age, size, or body-type. Oh, and good grooming too! (My mom has gorgeous straight white hair which she keeps in a flattering cut.)

    1. Sounds like your mother is a good example to us all. - And although she is 87, she is only really 86 ...? :-)

  8. I too have Les Clefs i(pink with ecru and black); it's one of the most-identifiably "Hèrmes-y" of their prints. From time to time someone levels the criticism that Hermès carres are too staid; I always direct them to your blog! They are only staid when the wearer is.

  9. What a fabulous post! You recently commented that, in your current lifestyle, you've nearly given up wearing Hermes scarves yourself--so a special thank you for creating these stunning outfits with virtual scarves.

  10. I would love more posts like this one too!

  11. How do I sign up to get on the email list for your posts? I can't seem to find the option to signup on your site.