Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe Packing Outfit by Outfit: Pink, Maroon and Black, for Business Travel

The weather's cold, and you've got to go on a business trip.  A SERIOUS trip...

Start with a comfort garment - the favorite cardigan will make you happy, and will suggest your color scheme too!  Choose a couple of outfits that ensure that you bring all of the pieces of your black suit, add a couple of jazzy red garments, and you're all set for business events.  One simple dress, and everything will fit in a carry-on bag.

A black winter coat, and some gloves, will be needed here, of course:

Tee shirt – Mint Velvet, jeans – Paige, earrings – Toosis
watch – Cartier scarf – Please cardigan - Circus Hotel,

loafersNaturalizer, handbag – Lacambra

First day in the home office - better look serious!

Garnet earrings – John Lewis, tee shirt – Pinko, briefcase – Brooks Brothers
skirt – Linea, blazer – Linea, scarf – Ana Maison, pumps – Sofft

And you know they're going to take you out to dinner...

Earrings – Doris Mhor, clutch bag – Colle-cte, dress – Rag and Bone
scarf – Vince Camuto, pumps – Sofft

 Second day in the office is a lot more mellow, because you're actually going to have to do some work.

cardigan – Lupatelli,pants – Linea, tee shirt – Cruciani,
 loafers – Clarks, necklace – Milena ZU

 A couple more outfits - one that's office worthy (and could easily support a cardigan or your suit jacket), and a more casual option for evenings, weekends, or your return trip.

BllouseBiba, Skirt – Merona
sweater – Iro, corduroy pants – Isabel Marant Etoile

This is everything:

The Cambridge Satchel Co.
meli melo AW16 Main Collection


  1. Love this. I wonder sometimes about the winter coat- just a cover up, or part of the ensemble?


  3. Woke up this morning wondering what to wear on this cold gray morning... Black and maroon it is! You put some beautiful outfits together here for my dream life. But I can always copy the colors. :)

  4. Fabulous, and appropriate. Great ideas for winter.

  5. I've been staring at this for far too long. Need to get to work!

  6. Great options here. I love this set!

  7. This is a spectacular group of colors....burgundy, pink and black. I'm really feeling them. I'd love to see a travel set that's a little more casual....I'm intrigued.

  8. Bravo! Love the colors on a very cold brisk morning.

  9. Twelve pieces into sixteen outfits, whereas if I packed my "old" way, I would need a large suitcase for all of my unique ensembles. Love this color grouping, although I would swap navy for the black.

  10. I love the outfit suggestions but I'd probably swap the maroon for a deep purple as that is more my color.

    And I have no excuse not to pack well on upcoming trips! Thanks so much!

  11. WOW! Janice, this ensemble is brilliant. You are amazingly talented. I very much wish I could wear these colors (maroon and pink). Sadly, they make my skin look pale and highlight the circles under my eyes. If not, I'd embrace what you pulled together. It is remarkable.

  12. Lovely capsule wardrobe - though I do spy 2 different pairs of black pants in the selections and only one in the overall view ;)

    1. Excellent - I'm going to fix it right now! Thanks so much for letting me know.
      warmest regards,

  13. Love it! I am all over those colours and there are some lovely items your selection too.

  14. These are my colors AND my office is more on the formal side, just like the outfits shown! Thanks for a great combination

  15. Great ideas! Thank you, Janice for doing this.
    Would all this actually fit in a carry on bag?

    1. I think so - once you pulled out the garments that are to be worn in-transit. I've packed at least this much for a number of trips in my carry-on hard sided Tumi bag. I carry my toiletries in my briefcase though, so that helps a lot!