Thursday, December 12, 2013

Neutral Accessories: Scarves, Part 2

A variety of shades and textures make solid or subtly patterned scarves a beautiful basic in your wardrobe.  While it's tempting to always grab a scarf that's bright of contrasting, sometimes it's more comfortable, and just easier, to wear something more low-key.  Blended shades, textures, or patterns always look cool, but are pretty easy to wear.

Knit scarf – Made of Me, fringed scarf – Nordstrom, pointelle scarf – Echo, teal crocheted scarf – Maria Esperanza Jauregui, infinity scarf – Collection XIIX, fringed viscose scarf - Leith

Yes, the line between khaki and camel is VERY blurry...
Fringed scarf – Nordstrom, spotted scarf – Viyella,  ikat print scarf – Viyella,  fringed alpaca scarf – AlbertoCaceres,  silk and cashmere scarf – Chan Luu,  cabled scarf – Paul Smith
Knitted triangular scarf – Artillerylane, striped alpaca scarf – Alberto Caceres,fringed sheer scarf – Fendi,    fringed alpaca scarf – Alberto Caceres, plaid cashmere scarf – BOSS Hugo Boss, foulard scarf – Paul Smith

Fringed cashmere muffler – John W. Nordstrom, herringbone infinity scarf – LeithAran scarf – String Theorypointelle infinity scarf –Nordstromribbed scarf – A. Kurtz,  plaid scarf - Burberry


  1. You are creating scarf envie here. I would happily wear each and every one of these. When I clicked on the Burberry link for the checked scarf, I found out that it is out of stock. Thank goodness, because I was so very tempted.

  2. Teal is my basic color. I'm knitting a solid one right now. I think I may add a long fringe similar to your sample. Thanks

  3. Whether khaki or camel or natural, I love these scarves!

  4. I just got a black linen-y scarf. I was thinking is would be uninteresting as I wear mostly solid colors and lots of black but I am loving it! You are very right, Janice, in giving solids and textures a chance.

  5. Nice range of scarves! Usually I write my research paper online and I don't need to go out much these days. So it is not necessary for me to buy a scarf.