Friday, December 06, 2013

Neutral Accessories: Earrings Part 1

Readers often ask me about building an accessory wardrobe.  Something that I've recently come to appreciate is the power of neutral accessories - my recently purchased Alexis Bittar earrings have proven to be a lot more versatile than I expected. That got me to thinking about the usefulness of well-chosen accessories in neutral colors.  Usually, when I think of accessories, I think of accent colors, or a bright pop of shine or gleam or lustre.  But sometimes, these more low-key choices can be very useful.

I'm going to explore this idea more, with other jewelry, and with some neutral scarves. I've come to realize that I wear my simple white scarf, or my black crinkled scarf,  more than any others...

Yes, tasseled earrings are a brave statement, but I've seen them worn to great effect!
light grey earrings and navy earrings
Silver stud earrings - Chen Fuchs, grey pearl stud earrings - Majorica,  grey star stud earrings - Esther Greville,  grey and gold studs – Samira13, blue quartz studs - Judith Ripka,  tassel earrings - jenny jenny,  lapis studs – Barbara Rybarova, silver and lapis studs - Boticca

petrol blue earrings and taupe earrings
Inverted diamond earrings – Q, squared studs – Dorothy Perkins, pearl drop earrings – Novica,  blue topaz earrings – Novica, crystal pave earrings – Loft, square earrings – Ann Taylor, spike stud earrings – Luis Morais,  pearl stud earrings - Novica
olive earrings and denim blue earrings
Half-moon earringsNovicaOlive studs – Otte NY,  green amethyst earrings – Ice.comtourmaline drop earrings- Ylang23,  blue topaz studs –Marco Bicego,  blue opaque studs – Alexis Bittar, floral stud earrings – Sian Bostwick,  chain earrings- Byrufina
black earrings and dark grey earrings

silver and black dangle earrings- Novica, onyx rose earrings - Novica, black lever back earrings - Novica,  gold and black dangle earrings- Novica, pearl drop earrings- Tory Burch, grey diamond earrings - Lagos,  pave earrings  - David Yurman, stud earrings- Alexis Bittar


  1. Does silver and gold count as neutral colors for acessories (jewelery)?

    1. Absolutely! I just wanted to venture further afield to see what choices we had with color, albeit neutral color.

  2. I find that I reach for my lever-backed drop pearl earrings more than any others. They dress up or down and go with everything.

  3. This is an excellent post. I haven't thought beyond gold, silver and some color. But the grays and blues would be a nice change, fun. Plus I'm thinking of getting new blue eye glass frames.

    I read you everyday and enjoy it so much. It's wonderful to have a style blogger that works for me. So much of my wardrobe is comparable to what you post. I've curated my closet twice in the last few months - just wanted to share that with those who would understand how much better I feel! Dressing is so much easier and I feel great when I walk out the door. Thanks!

  4. Looking at the neutral colors I'm wondering if rust and some kind of blue green color shouldn't be included. Rust as an alternative to the cordovan for us on the warm color spectrum side and the blue green color as an alternative to olive green for the cooler spectrum side.

    1. Duly noted - moving forward, I'll start including rust and teal in my neutral search - thanks!

    2. Excellent! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to Novica - I've ordered about four pairs of earrings from them and have been very impressed. Yours is my favorite fashion blog and it's so useful to be able to search by color. I am beginning to feel that I know what I'm doing a little more when it comes to shopping - choices, choices! - and now I can ask myself, would Janice be selecting this? I'd be happy to see a few more casual items for those of us who don't have a great need for dressy clothes, but it's such fun looking at them anyway! Thanks for all you do for the fashion-challenged among us.

  6. For me, when dressing 'neutral' as I do 99% of the time, I'd much rather go with a statement earrings or necklace.