Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From Desk to Dinner Party: More Silk Blouses

When combing through your wardrobe for something to use as the "key" piece in a day-to-night transition, remember that most of the focus will be on your face, especially if you're sitting at a dinner table.  Look for the key ideas of shine, sparkle, shimmer, any kind of texture-y interest, and don't forget that sleeveless often conveys a sense of occasion...

Velvet pants are among my favorite garments - I wear them all fall and winter, for regular days as well as festive moments.  This mix of brown and black is a great opportunity to wear smoky quartz jewelry...

Blazer- MaxMara,  loafers-Munro, brown silk blouse – Erika Cavallini, velvet pants – L’Agence,  earrings – Mija,  pearl and quartz bracelet – Neeru Goel, pumps- Corso Como

A beautiful lace blouse is comfortably businesslike under a knit blazer, but can stand alone with feminine dash after business hours... 
Knit blazer – BARK, loafers – Geox, navy lace blouse- Ella, grey trousers – Boss Hugo Boss, labradorite earrings- Irene Neuwirth, clutch – Ninapumps – Adrianna Papell

Don't forget the impact that a ring can have - I always notice them on other people, so it only seems logical that they might see them when I wear them...  Roll your sleeves a turn or two, unbutton two (or three) buttons, and smile!

Cardigan – Authentic Original Vintage Style,  pink silk blouse – Acne, navy trousers – Chloe, loafers – Robert Zur, earrings – YooLa,  ring- Marie Helene de Taillac,  bag – Marc Jacobs, slingbacks – J.Renee Limited


  1. I love the combinations of brown and black or brown and grey. And smoky quartz is something that I want to add to my wardrobe. I am contemplating doing Project 333 in January. One reason is that I will be moving into a new size shortly due weight loss. I figure that I will eventually have to replace items and will need to live with much less. I couldn't possibly replace my entire wardrobe and really don't want to. Project 333 should help me decide what my core colors should be. I have an idea, but need to live with the colors for awhile. Do you still participate in Project 333?

  2. Love brown and black together, but I have a question about sleevelessness. I see so many festive dresses and blouses without sleeves. Isn't that chilly? How do you stay warm in a sleeveless top?

    1. Depends on where you're going to be - the last holiday party I attended was SO WARM - a lot of cocktail parties can turn into a steamy crush of people.

      For some people, there's just not going to be a way to make it work - if you get cold easily, sleeves will always be necessary. A wrap is nice, if you're dexterous enough to juggle it along with everything else in your hands!

  3. You're so right about rings. People always, but always, comment on them (but especially when they are watching you wield a fork or cocktail glass).

  4. I'm very impressed by how much people in North America dress up for Christmas and New Year parties. Here in Australia it's all linen pants or light capris, sleeveless tops and comfy sandals. I can't remember when I last went to a party - even an office party - where people dressed up. I suppose rich people here make a big effort in order to impress each other but the rest of us mostly just make sure we're clean and cool and maybe get out the sparkly earrings. I'm rather envious.

  5. Sometimes I swear you're living inside my head, Janice. Just about a month ago I decided to start looking out for the perfect silk blouse (or two). I was inspired by compliments I got on an outfit I wore recently. Nothing really remarkable about the black skirt and cardigan, black fishnets and black suede Mary-Janes, but I was wearing it with an oyster colored EF silk satin tank, and I think the tank was what made all the (subtle) difference.