Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Dressing Up" A Simple Dress

Sometimes we're confronted with an invitation that strongly suggests that we get super dressed up.  EEEEEK....

If you're sure that it's absolutely obligatory that you dress to the teeth, just brace yourself and go shopping.  But if you are pretty certain that you just need to be dressy, maybe a simple dress with some well-chosen accessories might be just the ticket!

black dress with metallic cardigans
black dress - Acne, earrings – Monies, bronze sequined cardigan – Simona 
 Barbieri, bronze bag – Lanvin, bronze sandals – Touchups by Benjamin Walk,
 gold cardigan – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, onyx stud earrings – Chen Fuchs,
 fringed bag – Sabrina Tach,  gold-trimmed pumps – Cole Haan

black dress with sequined cardigan
black dress - Acnegrey moonstone earrings – Vivien Frank, silver cardigan – 
Golden GooseDeluxe Brand, clutch bag – Roque Bags, pewter pumps – J. Renee
sequined waterfall cardigan – Donna Karan, lace earrings – Liz Law
clutch bag – MeDusa, black pumps – Vince 

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  1. I love the look of black and gold...I have seen it alot this year. Beautiful styling, as always! Happy New Year, Janice!

  2. I agree a bit of sparkle goes a long way and may be all you need.

  3. Good Morning and Happy New Year Janice! You have solved my "what to wear" question for this evening. A dressy event but not a Dressy event needs a little sparkle. Thanks for all the work you do here everyday. It helps simplify my day.

  4. Being a card-carrying introvert, I loathe parties. But that bronze cardigan just might change my mind. Beautiful. Happy New Year and all the best for 2014!

  5. Oh, I LOVE these sweaters! What a beautiful idea :) I will probably do something similar tonight, but with pants :)

  6. LBD as base. You are reading my mind. Classic with a little sparkle, these combinations suit my taste to a T.
    I like the neckline of the dress and could also see it with some shiny necklaces but then I would leave off the
    sequined cardigans. Finding that perfect LBD is always on my mind. I have one that works nicely when accessorized. The long sleeves and high neckline on it can look monastic when left on it's own.
    Happy New Year and thank you for keeping me evolving throughout 2013, Janice.

  7. I look at your fashion suggestions every morning as I enjoy a cup of coffee - it's a great way to start my day! Happy New Year and keep on 'keeping on' - we enjoy your common sense approach to dressing 'up' or 'down', traveling or not, business or date-night evenings out. . . thanks so much !

  8. Thanks for a year of wonderfully inspiring, helpful, and timely blogs, Janice. May your new year be full of joys.

  9. Janice I came across this blog showing the clothing system put together by an ultra-light hiker. He makes a few garments to a variety of things, for example he uses silk long underwear as a base layer under shorts but also as pajamas. He's also a fan of black!
    I thought you might enjoy seeing a minimal wardrobe from another angle. Happy New Year!

    1. What is the blog for the ultra-light hiker?

    2. Oh sorry, face palm, http://blackwoodspress.com/blog/2157/backpacking-clothing-system/

  10. All of this would work well with silver, too, of course...