Saturday, November 09, 2013

At least ONE designer understands...


  1. I guess it depends what he means by "personal style". I'd say attitude is much more important than the clothes you're wearing.

    1. I agree. Attitude / Confidence is EVERYTHING. Of course your clothing will reflect this.......

  2. Beauty is a gracious, confident attitude. I like to think of it as 'wearing your life well'.

  3. Unfortunately I can wear very little of what he designs; neatly all the BCBG Max Azria line's skirts are 18 inches long. So if "the beauty of a woman is not her age", could Mr. Azria please design more clothes that a grown woman can wear? For me, another example of self-serving fashionspeak hardly backed up by product.

    Azria Gruop own more than twenty brands that embody young, flirty, safe, typical department store fare.