Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Casual Packing: The "Triple Top" Secret

 Here are a couple of examples of how my Triple Top Secret selection of tops can work for a really casual trip (or just a day to day wardrobe).  First, I started with a cool flowered shirt, got really gutsy and tossed in a striped tee shirt, and worked from there.  Yes, I would wear the stripes and the flowers together...

Red sweatshirt - Aerie,  navy sweater - Uniqlo, floral shirt - Uniqlo,  striped tee shirt - Alexander Wang, white henley tee - Uniqlo

 I realized after working with this idea for a while that there are, in fact, two "triples" inherent in this idea:

Yes, the button-front shirt is critical!  A shirt that can both be worn as a jacket or 2nd layer, but also layered under a sweater or sweatshirt, is key.

Here's an example of how this can work with some bright, warm colors, to get you through the icky weather ahead:

orange fleece - L.L.Bean, plaid shirt -Uniqlo, cream tee shirt - L.L.Bean, yellow sweater - Uniqlo, brown tee shirt - L.L.Bean

If you find that you've developed a passion for a printed or plaid shirt, this is a great way to make sure that you wear it frequently...



  1. This is so awesome and just goes to show how much mileage you can get from five pieces that coordinate and you love! You rock!

  2. I generally travel with 7-8 articles of clothing, not including a coat/raincoat/jacket. I've been layering for years to increase the versatility of the clothes I've brought along on my trip. My travel wardrobe consists of two pants (I substitute a skirt for one pair of pants if I'll be going to the theater or opera in a major city), a cardigan sweater, 4-5 tops (these vary by season/destination, and one is generally "dressier" than the others), undies, robe, pj's, and a base layer top and tights if I'm traveling in the winter. Scarfs, hat, gloves, jewelry, socks, cheap flip flops, small cross-body purse,a bathing suit (season/destination dependent) and two pair of shoes round out the stuff I take in one small carry-on.I usually wash my clothes as I travel. For my last trip, all I took on the plane was my carry-on (weighed 11 lbs.) and a small tote (with my cross-body bag, jacket, and book inside). The tote doubles as a beach bag.

  3. I stumbled on this on a car trip through Quebec into Maine during July. The weather changed considerably and moisture in the air added another bone chilling element. Out of desperation to stay warm, I piled on everything in my luggage and ended up with two more layers on top of the tshirt/button shirt/sweatshirt. A denim jacket on top of the three and then a windbreaker over that. Added a scarf around the neck and I was really comfortable. There were FIVE layers of clothes on one day.

    The key for me was they were all fitted and not thick - bulky fabrics. I'm not sure if it would have worked so well if they were heavier garments.

  4. Layering clothing pieces is very common and practical to stay warm and comfortable, especially where the weather is fluctuating or cold. I love wearing layers. It's fun and creative. My favourite combo is a tank tee and a long sleeve tee with either a sweater or a cardigan.

  5. We are all about layering in Texas so these posts are extremely helpful. During winter, we will begin the day freezing and end the day sweating! Hope you are well Janice!

  6. Hmm... good points there. I tend to 'triple layer' for autumn with something like a t shirt or long sleeved top, a cardigan then a light jacket (like cropped leather) over the top. Plus a scarf for if it gets chillier and I'm set to cope with a variety of temperatures.

  7. Love the triple layers. Just curious - do you show a short sleeve tee rather than sleeveless because you also wear the tee in the summer or because it provides more underarm area protection for the outer layers? I avoid short sleeves, they are very unflattering on me, so I use a tank tee under long sleeve tee but might want to rethink that if I'm going to add layers.


    And completely off topic - would love to see a post about tights which I think I remember you mentioning a while ago.

  8. I was just thinking this morning as I was looking at my closet that it you replaced a tshirt with a knit shell, you could use that shell on top of the button-down as a vest, or underneath as a standard layer and have one or two more looks.

  9. I'm an old hand at layering, and totally get what you're getting at here. But I'm struck by your recommendation of a buttoned tailored shirt as middle layer. That's the missing ingredient in many of my combos! Thanks :-).

  10. I get cold easily so I'm all about layering! I start with an 'invisible' layer - a tank or cami. I have found that inexpensive tanks generally cost less than camisoles and can also be used as my work-out too. I sometimes wear a tank in a contrasting color and let it peak out from the bottom of the first layer - it adds a pop of color. Love all your work Janice!