Monday, September 09, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Fall Accent 2013: Turbulence

I've had lots of questions about the Pantone Autumn/Winter 2013 colors, and how to integrate them into a wardrobe, so I'm going to show a series of posts that might give you some ideas, or some help.  I'm starting with Turbulence, because it's easy to work with, since it's more of an neutral than a bright accent...

So you decide that Turbulence is going to be your fall focus, and you find a blouse, and a handful of accessories:
Scarf – Arlette Ess, Blouse – MM6 by Maison  Martin Margiela,  rope necklace – Alienina, earrings – Ippolita,  flats - Munro

Next, just for working purposes, I'll start with a very neutral wardrobe; 10 pieces that might be in almost anybody's wardrobe, are readily available, and easily combined with other items. 
all clothes - L.L.Bean

Just off the top of my head, there are a dozen easy outfits added to your wardrobe.  Realistically, there are a lot more options...


  1. Your LLBean wardrobes are always brilliant. A very basic wardrobe is elevated to something amazing, which expands the possibilities for all of us. Have a great autumn.

  2. Again - thanks for using items most of have already & updating them w/accessories in the accent color 'of the season'. YUMMY ideas !

  3. I love these series! And once again, I have all of those pieces in my wardrobe. Using the colors as accents to a basic wardrobe is my favorite way of dressing. I can be "on-trend" without spending too much money, and it makes getting dressed both easy and fun. Looking forward to the rest of the colors!

  4. Whether it is called turbulence or gray, I love it! These are looks I can pull out of my closet...except the shoes and I would love for those to be in the closet!! I hope you can stop by and meet the designer on my blog today...I think you would really like her. Have a great Monday, Janice!


  5. I have to laugh at the concept (at my age?!) of my fall focus being on turbulence....but a grey by any other name would be as versatile. Thanks, Janice.

  6. I'm not a fan of grey in any shade, but this helps me see how easy it would be to add a color to my travel wardrobe. The shirt and a few accessories would be easy to do....I'm thinking red.

  7. @ Gail - great (weird!) name for grey lol!!
    Anyway, love that blouse, hope to find something similar for my own core wardrobe.
    Those kinds of shoes always bother me, though - surely they look like slippers? Well, they are what my grandfather always wore!

  8. Well, it's not really a color, then, is it? It's a downright neutral. Thanks for the mixing ideas. Great pieces.

  9. The beauty is how doable this concept is. Thank you.