Monday, August 05, 2013

We Have a Winner! in the Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity drawing

Yesterday evening, I tallied up the last of the entries, and found that I had 135 people entered into my drawing for the catalog for the Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.  This is how I chose a winner.

 This is a particularly cool outcome, because Emma is only 10 years old, and is a BIG fan of Impressionism.  I'm sure everyone joins me in congratulating her on her good luck, and wishes her great joy in this lovely book.

This is the EXACT dress that appears in the painting In The Conservatory by Albert Bartholeme

In The Conservatory, by Albert Bartholeme

Another dress from the exhibition - a very near match to a dress in one of the exhibit paintings.

The exhibit was amazing - very hard for me to digest in just one visit.  As one might expect, it was tremendously crowded (not "Mona Lisa room in the Louvre" crowded, but more like "on the staircase near the Winged Victory" crowded).  The harmony between the fashions on display and the wonderful paintings was easy to follow, but I wasn't able to really pull  in the thread of Modernity as well as I wanted to. I think I'm going to walk back over and take another look, so I can fully understand the complete message of the exhibit.

What luxury...


  1. How exciting for Emma and I love it that you are feeding her passions so young!! Congrats to both of you!!

  2. Hooray for Emma! Welcome to the fashion and art lovers club! 😊

  3. Congratulations to Emma. You are learning at a very young age. Maybe you have a very stylish mum? Now if only I were smart enough to understand the formula. Luckily it's easier to get dressed using Janice's formula... Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone.

  4. Emma is surely a deserving recipient. I want to know more about her since she's so young: is she an artist in the making, or fashion designer or.....? Maybe, like me, she just appreciates art. Have fun Emma!
    Lovely post Janice.

  5. Dearest young Emma, may this be just the4 beginning of your life's creative and artistic adventures!

  6. Congrats to Emma! Love that a 10 year old has the maturity and style to read this blog.

    I can't say I totally understand your random number formula, but doesn't choosing a number between 1 and 135 exclude 1 and 135? Just a thought for next time.

  7. Congratulations Emma - how about setting up your own blog/website!

  8. Hooray for Emma!

    Thea, the screen shots look like Excel; so the range would be inclusive.


    1. Thanks for the answer! I learn so much from you tech types.

  9. Congrats Emma! I wish you much joy with your prize. I hope you'll take time out, once you've gotten it, to let us know what you think.
    Take care,

  10. Congratulations to Emma - glad she is developing a love for art at such a young age!

    The outfits are so neat - what an awesome sounding exhibit.

  11. Good for you, Emma! We look forward to hearing about your favorite part of the exhibit! And, what a great and generous idea of yours, Janice - very nice!

  12. Congrats to Emma! Would love to her more about her love of Art and Impressionism!
    Vivienne, I saw this exhibit in NYC at the Met in New York back in March. It was wonderful! Thanks for the lovely pics , they bring back memories of a delightful day spent with my mother viewing the exhibit! Modernity is a relative word. These clothes were considered modern at their time and it refers to the fact that the artists were painting the woman in current, modern fashion, not a costume or depiction of fashions from the past!It was "modern" to show this! Shocking to some at the time. Hard to wrap our heads around sometimes in this day and age!
    First time commenting and I'm new to your blog.Really enjoying it!

  13. Hi Everyone! This is Emma's mom. Since you all asked about her, I thought I would share a little bit about her. She is very interested in fashion, and last year, she designed (on paper) three dresses for each of her teachers, and asked them to pick their favorite drawing. I call her "my little stylist". She has designed and created T-shirts (with her grandmother's help), and has helped me design and sew dresses, costumes, and nightgowns for her on various occasions. She plays the oboe and the clarinet, sings in the school choir and loves to read. She and I really appreciate Janice's blog as well as her generosity in providing such a lovely book for Emma, just in time for her birthday! She looks forward to reading it and sharing it with her mom! Ha Ha! Cheers! Lynn