Thursday, July 04, 2013

When a White Shirt is PERFECT

Sometimes, a white shirt (tee shirt, tank top) is the ideal choice for an outfit...  First and foremost, if you love the way you're dressed, then you're wearing the perfect clothes, no matter what ANYBODY else says.  In hot weather, when you're wearing other light-colored garments, or when you need the brightening effects of white near your face.

And you do understand that "your" white might be ecru, or cream, or ivory, or some other variations of white?  Choose what's best for you.  Always. Every day.  Without exception.  Your happiness is really the only standard by which your garments should be evaluated.

The lighter-background tee shirt is much more in keeping with the feeling of the white jeans.  Unless you're decidedly top-heavy, in which case you might be more comfortable in the 2nd ensemble.
all clothes  - L.L. Bean
 Frankly, I think either of these outfits works well, but the one on the left does give you a more unbroken strong vertical line.
all clothes - L.L.Bean
 With a lighter skirt, the cream top seems to flow better, although again, I don't think the 2nd outfit is really terrible - I could easily and happily wear either...
all clothes - L.L.Bean
But here is a case where a dark tee shirt is a difficult choice.  The white just seems to work better, both from a "mood" standpoint, and a flattery perspective.  If you felt that you really did NOT want to wear a white shirt here, maybe the striped top just above, or a top toned to the cardigan, would be a better choice than this very dead black. 

all clothes - L.L.Bean


  1. Hi there, just back from thrifting... Still on the lookout for 'my' white (ivory) jeans to match my breton shirt. Which perfect for rainy summers. Glad you took the trouble to clarify these points... Seeing them visualized is so much easier for me...


  2. All the same a white Tee is a classic with jeans... A white shirt goes with so many colors - brights and neutrals...

    PS - Happy 4th of July!


  3. I love white. I love black. It's the in between colors I struggle with. I've enjoyed this two part series because it gives me an idea of how to ease in other colors within my comfort zone and feel 'right'...not as if the color in question is a standout.

  4. Happy 4th! Hurray for the red, white and blue!

  5. Quick question.............what shoes would you suggest for the first ensemble?
    I LOVE this blog. It is one of the first things I do every day:)

    1. navy Keds, or navy sandals, or gold flat sandals.... There are plenty of choices! And thanks so much for your kind words; I work REALLY HARD on this blog, and it makes my day to know that someone enjoys it and learns from it!
      warmest regards,

  6. Happy 4th of July Janice! Thank you for your dedication to helping us look and feel good in our clothes. Another great post. Thank you!!!

  7. Happy 4th! Yes I am wearing navy and red with a red & white striped scarf. Because I'm one of those people.... .

    Thanks again for all you do!

    (Oh and to me, white linen = summer. Scooped up a lovely shirt at the Talbot's sale yesterday!)

  8. Dear Janice,

    Happy 4th July from Spain !!!!

    Congratulations , you keep getting better and better it's almost a miracle that you have such wonderful ideas every day....

    Some weeks ago you put a whole esnsemble around Hermes "piquè Fleuri de Provence" and it was so astoning that I almost choose this as my birthday present last Monday..

    but as the gentle lady in the store told me, orange was not my colour... At the end I got Mexique in Fuchsi/Cyclamen/Gris which I absolutely love it.. the colours are out of my comfort zone but the way my husband look at me while trying makes my mind up...

    Do yu think that in spite of the vivid colours it's a scarve for all seasons??

    Could you help me???

    Thanks in advance for your kindnesss.

    XOXOXO from Barcelona

  9. Thank you Janice! This really shows how the unbroken line improves the look. I really feel I am learning so much from your blog. I look forward to it every day! Thanks for posting even on a holiday!

  10. thank you,another eye opener - about the unbroken line. I tried it today when i changed my top. love your blog. is there anyway you could do a post on shoes, a few things - type of shoes go with what trousers, wide or skinnies. chic walking shoes.

  11. Great Job! Love it! I'm an image consultant myself and think you've done a perfect job with your tutorial!