Saturday, July 13, 2013

The ABC's of Chic Sightings: Joyous, Kinetic, Legible

It's not lost on me that life can be hard, times can be tough, and that you can't walk around with a witless grin on your face 24/7.  But you can try to be pleasant - at least demonstrate a reasonable amount of joy in being alive. Enthusiasm. Spark. Zest. All those kinds of things...

Sluggish is not going to do it.  Get in motion! Energy, enthusiasm, a spark...  (I'm sensing a theme here...)

Too much clutter, too many details, too many conflicting visual signals - I find that hard to process, and it doesn't feel chic to me.  People around you should be able to "read" you reasonably easily, so that they have a sense of you.  Your appearance communicates who you are to the rest of the world;  try to speak as clearly and simply as possible when you're communicating.


  1. I agree! And I want to share with you one of my very favorite quotes on "chic" - I think it'll resonate with you.

    “Luxury is a humorless thing, largely. Chic is all about humor. Which means chic is about intelligence. And there has to be oddness - most luxury is conformist, and chic cannot be. Chic must be polite, but within that it can be as weird as it wants.”

    — Luca Turin

  2. Kinetic - I agree! I also think it applies to clothing - it needs to look like you are made to move in it. Looking good while standing in front of a mirror is all very well but you can't look chic if you can't move gracefully in what you're wearing. Pants too tight to sit down comfortably, a skirt too short to sit or bend in, or too tight to walk properly, a dress that rides up when you walk, heels too high so you have to walk with your bottom stuck out or with legs akimbo to balance, a bag that won't stay on your shoulder forcing you to hunch your shoulder etc - you get the picture, and it's not a graceful one. Kinetic is a great word to include in the Chic-tionary!