Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pantone Fall Colors, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I might be the last blogger in the world to be mentioning the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but it's certainly worth mentioning, IF you have a clear idea of what you're planning to purchase for this fall and winter.  Nordstrom marks down selected NEW merchandise for a couple of weeks, before returning those items to their regular price in early August.  IF, AND ONLY IF, you KNOW what you need and want, this can be a great opportunity.  If you just wander in unprepared, you're doomed - everything looks delectable, and you will leave laden with parcels, flat broke, and confused...

I'm going to show you a few things that are currently on sale, and I've chosen them to reflect the colors that Pantone has advised us will be big this fall.


cardigan - Halogen, blouse - Pleione

blouse - Lafayette 148 New York, ruched tee shirt - Caslon

sweater - Nordstrom, blouse - Fever

blouse - Eileen Fisher, hoodie - Zella

dress - Eileen Fisher,  tee shirt - Amber Sun

tee shirt - Caslon, cardigan - Eileen Fisher

PS - You can find the latest Pantone Color Planner and other documents in the Planning Documents section of the website.


  1. Hi Janice - so glad you're back. And thank you for your lovely sale selections - you're right, it is overwhelming unless you have a clear plan.

    I have a feeling autumn 333 is right around the corner.

    Thanks again.

  2. You were much missed, Janice! Hope you had a great break.

  3. I appreciate the "if and only if"--my hs math teacher used to write that as iff.

  4. Welcome back! Useful info as always.... I might have to look into this Nordstrom sale!

  5. Great Job, Janice!! So glad to see you back and well. I loved how you did this!

  6. I would happily wear any one of your picks here. No prints, no frou-frou, just great, simple clothes. Your blog is the voice of sanity among so many of them in reminding us again of fewer but better. So glad to have you back again.

    1. That should be buying fewer items of better quality...

  7. This is the first I'm seeing of the Pantone Fall 2013 colors, so thanks for the tip!

    The Nordstrom sale scares the living daylights out of me. I have no idea what to get for fall at this point. I thought I was prepared for summer this year, thinking I have a few tees, some capris and cropped pants, I should be OK. Well, I ended up buying 15 tee-shirts (all on sale) and 3 pair of capris and one pair of black linen pants.

    I find your guidance invaluable, and I missed you when you weren't around! I thought you'd disappeared into the ether, so I was happy to see an update today!

  8. Love the colors for fall. Very excited!

  9. What beautiful colors and selections for fall! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Janice, thank you so much for these beautiful selections and even more for your reminder to be clear about what we want and not just wander through willy-nilly. The wanting mind is powerful and teaching it restraint is so helpful to us all. I think you have a partner arrangement with Nordstrom, and if so, it speaks even more to your integrity that you are encouraging us to think twice before we click and buy.

  11. Thank you for giving us a chance to see some of the fall colors. This may be a very good year to shop my closet. I usually wear these jewel colors from Dec-March. I love the rust, olive, mustard, apple red and indigos of fall. I have a wonderful fall landscape in my living room and I like to pick my transitional pieces in that palatte. But I will add some grey slacks and try using more of the jewel colors. I am looking forward to trying some new thing.