Thursday, July 18, 2013

Packing for an Emergency from Capsule Wardrobe Project 333 - warm weather

Realistically, Project 333 makes packing a snap - you don't have terribly much from which to choose, and if your garments were wisely chosen, most of them should go together pretty well.  But I always find it comforting to have a plan in mind, when those phone calls arrive.  I've had a few near misses recently with having to travel at the last minute, so I'm happy to have the following plan for the balance of the warm weather.

Travelling for me almost always involves flying - my relatives are scattered about the planet. Even on the hottest summer days, airplanes are cold (it's always WAAAY below zero at 35,000 feet), so a cardigan, a light wrap, and SENSIBLE shoes are always appropriate.

In these clothes, I could go straight to almost anything short of a reception with the Queen...

My packing gives me options from relatively dressy, in one of my dresses, with ballet flats and a scarf, to very casual - jeans and tee shirts.  Because the weather is warmer and I'm wearing shoes without socks, I like having a few more shoe choices.  Nothing much in the world packs flatter than ballet flats, so I don't feel like I'm crazy taking 2 pairs...  A smaller handbag for everyday usage, a couple of scarves, and a few pieces of jewelry, and I'm ready to handle whatever is thrown at me.


  1. Really nice, as usual. And great for a cool climate. But... even at 8am up here in northern WI, it's already over 80 degrees and very, very humid. So those sweaters, jeans, skirted leggings... ack!

    What if your emergency is in the southern US? Where mine is likely to be - and probably in the summer. I guess the black could be changed to a cool pastel, with black accents, and the whole vibe switched to a "lagenlook" (floaty layers, as I think of it) approach. The jeans would be crops, the sweaters... well, I would laugh and throw them (folded) back in the closet. Add sandals & hop in the car!

    Love the site - thanks a bunch.
    Joyce in WI

  2. Finally got on today. I only had to refresh it once. I agree with the "way too hot" comments. I don't wear jeans in the summer. Way too heavy. When I was a teenager in Texas I could never understand how people in the fashion magazines could tolerate sweaters at the beach. Sweaters? On the Gulf coast? In July? I didn't get it until I spent the summer in New Hampshire. I learned how "north east centric" the fashion mags were. I don't think much has changed. What I wore then and wear now on a daily basis would be considered "resort" wear.

  3. I agree here in southern utah where I am vacationing its likely to be 100 plus for the next several days... no sweaters no long pants and definitely no tight leggings... but I like the concepts

  4. Even in New England we have heat waves -- heat index today is over 100. So I have to agree with everyone else on this one.

    However, we did fly to Disney World last month, and I used the flight formula of capri, tee, cardigan, and scarf. I was comfortable all through the airport/flight/landing and even subsequent evening visit to the Magic Kingdom (sans cardi). I would add SOCKS to any airport outfit though. Walking through security in bare feet just gives me the willies.

  5. Another great set! Just wondering how much mileage you got from having two black dresses, and two pairs of ballet flats. Was it worth the extra weight and bulk? I would tend to pack just one black dress and one pair of ballet flats.

    - Laurel

  6. As others have hinted, this is almost a winter wardrobe for me. Here in Texas, it's bare arms, linen dresses, and certainly no sweaters in the in the summer. But, these combos look fabulous as always.

  7. I'd have to switch out some items, too, as any of my emergencies are likely to be in a warmer climate. No matter, though; kudos to you, Janice, for bringing this up. It's something we don't like to think about. But it's best to have a plan beforehand. I'll never forget having to literally grab my purse, an overnight bag with a change of clothes and a few toiletries, and getting on the next flight to Baltimore. I dashed to the gate weeping, knowing my Dad was gone. My husband followed the next day, with all our clothes for the wake and funeral plus extra for a another week. But I had to dictate a list for him over the phone from my Mom's house and hope for the best!

    My Dad died very suddenly. I learned the hard way to have some sort of game plan in mind ahead of time, just in case. You've nudged me to actually put a packing list of actual clothing items I own and would want for these emergency contingencies into the packing app I've got on my phone.


  8. I know you've already heard similar from others, but, I am in southern Arizona, where we get happy about how cool the night is compared to the day, because, it's only 100 degrees! That's in the summer, of course, and the fall, and maybe some of the spring. lol

    This is a wintertime wardrobe for the area I live in!