Saturday, June 15, 2013

Packing from the 333 Capsule Wardrobe, with a few essential deviations from the system

Belovedest and I are off to Toronto for a long weekend of rugby and rest.  I packed pretty easily from the Project 333, except I had to jump ship for the rugby match - nothing but jeans and a jersey will really be appropriate!

So I hauled everything out and assembled it on my nifty hanging rack:
what to pack for a long weekend in Toronto
The obnoxious plaid thing is my pajamas... Far left is my black jacket - I might wear it on the plane, or pack it, depending on what the weather does.   Then you can see my jeans, and my rugby jersey, and then my sweaters and scarves, tee shirts, and pants.

Everything lays out like this:
black, grey and pink capsule travel wardrobe with an Irish rugby jersey

It is quite a bit more clothing that I would normally pack for 3 nights, but the rugby match requires very special garments, and the way my thermostat has been behaving, I want to make sure that I have a few changes of clothing.

In-transit outfit to Toronto, and what to wear to a rugby match

a pink and black outfit to wear sightseeing and a grey and black outfit for travel
All of this will fit into my cool Tumi carry-on bag. Cruelly enough, Tumi named this bag the "Riggs", which of course meant that I had to buy it immediately...  If a bag has your name, shouldn't you be given one automatically?  Didn't work out that way, but I really love the bag...

I'll take some photographs as I'm packing, and you can see how this all squeezes into a wee tote bag.


  1. Additional clothing AND runners into the tote ? Will you carry and extra bag for toiletries etc ?

  2. I bought a Tumi on your recommendation, it is working out great. You should get credit for the referral! Have a great trip!

  3. This is very timely - thank you! I have a trip to SF coming up (speaking of iffy weather). But on the way, we are stopping in Oregon for a few days of golf, which like your rugby match,"requires very special garments" (not to mention, shoes). Then, in the fall, we will be up in Chicago for a few days and then driving to Green Bay where we have been invited to a game. Despite the fact that I am still a Bears fan, the Packers game, will again "require very special garments" and for sure, there will be iffy weather!

    Thanks, Janice!

  4. Just came back from Toronto - have a lovely time!

  5. Not too hot for Toronto?

    Love it - just wondering?

  6. Is the gray and white scarf an Eileen Fisher?

  7. Enjoy your blog and insights! Do you have the Tumi Georgetown Riggs weekender or the International carry-on rolling luggage?
    Do you have future plans to do individual wardrobe consultations & shopping?


  8. In Toronto when it hits mid June we embrace the "tropics" and wear summery colours b/c it's such a drab climate so mucn of the year. (Lived there 30 yrs.)

    So I'd throw in a seasonal silk scarf or a shawl like that fab one with the feather print, which I believe would go with everything. Have fun!

    1. Interesting Duchesse. This is another one of those locale issues that has been discussed on this blog-"embracing the tropics" and summery colors.

      I'm impressed by the Riggs bag Janice. I went to the Tumi website to see it.

    2. It's hardly the tropics (LOL) but by mid-June you will see white and coloured shirts and white jeans a lot. We kind of have to grab it while we can.

      We joke a lot about American tourists coming to Canada in July with parkas... but joking aside, people automatically think it's cold here. Janice will know better- the climate is very close to Chicago's.

  9. Enjoy the Rugby. The Waratahs (NSW state team) were mauled by the visiting British and Irish Lions 47 to 17. Our national team - the Wallabies - need to play a very good game indeed.

  10. Yeah - I can finally comment. I can't remember all the postings I wanted to say something about but I do know that I wanted to wish you well with your new endeavour. YES YES! You are very good at this and I know you'll do well.

  11. Going to have to look up the Tumi "Riggs"- how awesome is that?

  12. Janice, check out the cover article in the Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal today. It reminds me of your philosophy of looking good while traveling. I've flown by myself since I was 11, many moons ago and still do my best to dress presentable. Have fun on your trip! --Susan in SLC

  13. Dear Janice,

    Thanks again for your priceless advice!!

    I fully understand you when talking about your "thermostat".. it's my first summer under "the change" and I don't know how to cope... Layers seem to be the obvious answer but sometimes it's difficult to maintain your dignity if you are feeling sweaty , hot .. As I pressume almost all your fans are femmes of a certain age perhaps this is a topic you could consider.. Some advice from Vivianne about " ce soigne in le menopause"...

    Best regards from Spain

  14. Nice wardrobe choice, but if it were my trip/clothes/bag I'd eliminate the second pair of black pants. My carry-on bag (no wheels) is very small indeed -- 21 x 13 x 9" -- and it's all I take on any trip along with a small cross body purse. I once had to schlepp a lot of luggage ( small rolling bag and a carry-on) a few decades ago and said "Never again." I've managed to put all manner of clothing in this small bag -- casual, business, and evening wear (a nice packable dressy dress for opera). One has to pay attention to the pack-a-bility of clothes when shopping and master a packing technique (rolling, bundle, or packing cubes and other aids). The bag fits under an airplane seat -- and it has changed how I travel immensely.

  15. I hope you had a great weekend! You look very well prepared!

  16. You make it look so easy!

  17. Janice -- I love everything you do and I thoroughly enjoy your Project 333. I strive to emulate whenever possible. Here is a question for you. Do you ever have issues matching blacks? For some reason if the blacks don't match, and they rarely do in my wardrobe, I can't bring myself to wear them together. Any thoughts would be appreciated.