Monday, May 06, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Project 333: Another week, with travel, work, and the gym

Last week I experienced another small hitch in my Project 333- my striped tee shirt is NOT going to be wearable for the summer, so I've replaced it. (Yes, with another striped tee shirt...)   Otherwise, I have been delighted with my choices, so far.

My travel wardrobe, based on two pair of black pants - one silk, one cotton twill - worked out well too.  It was warm enough that I didn't need to wear my scarves, and one day I pulled off my sweater mid-day, but that was part of the plan. Layering makes it possible to pile on, or peel off, depending on what you encounter.

So Monday and Tuesday I dressed out of my suitcase - Monday, I did some gardening, and Tuesday we flew back to Chicago. (yes, on Monday I borrowed casual shoes from my mother, so my loafers wouldn't get destroyed!)

Wednesday back at work was with my black "suit", and Thursday was a sort of black dress, with a silvery grey sweater layered over.  This was the only warm day this week, so I took bare legs out of hibernation!
And Friday I chose a solid column of black, with my linen tweed jacket, with a pearl necklace to lighten things up, and to echo the pearly shades of my coat.  Saturday, of course, is the gym...

So far, this is my favorite 333.  I'm not getting bored with all black, thanks to some strategic layering and accessories.  The simplicity and the clarity that this "uniform" is bringing to my mornings is very welcome.  The striped tee shirt error was simple negligence on my part; one can never assume that clothing which was perfectly perfect in October will REMAIN perfectly perfect six (un-examined) months later...


  1. Janice,

    Since you travel so much, what is your opinion of clothes made expressly for travel? (TravelSmith; Chico's Traveler's; Vikki Vi; etc.) They seem to be based on core colors, and they certainly don't wrinkle. However, do you think they look cheap?


    1. Well, frankly, I abhor Chico's Travelers clothing. I see people in them all the time, and they're wicked unflattering, even on the most fit and slender of people. I just don't like the looks of them. I'm not familiar with Vikki Vi, but years ago I bought a couple of things from TravelSmith which were disappointingly poorly made - boardy fabric, lumpish fit, and not well constructed.

      I have found that I don't need to have special travel clothes. I'm not going to wear a vest with 16 pockets, nor cargo pants. (although belovedest and I have often pondered if we could travel without luggage, if we had both garments...). If you choose things in your wardrobe that dry fairly quickly and don't wrinkle dreadfully, that's really all that travel clothes offer. And the occasional oddly placed security pocket...)
      Shop your own wardrobe, for every occasion, before you buy anything "special".
      One woman's opinion!

  2. This looks great! Your black silk pants -- what brand are they? I've been looking for a pair of simple black silk pants for a while but haven't found any.

    1. The silk are from Eileen Fisher. I swear by her silk stuff - it's washable, it's cool, it's versatile, she does it every year, and there's always tons of it on ebay.

    2. Hi Janice,
      I just love your Project 333 outfits! Could you do another list of where you sourced each of your pieces? I wasn't sure from your comment above which pair of black pants you're referring to. :D


  3. I just love it! This is a workable plan. I keep hearing the siren call of new spring clothes. I'm working very hard to resist it. Especially because I'll have nowhere to put anything...or even to make outfits...during our massive home renovation. I'm trying hard to stand firm (but, I too, have been borrowing a lot from my mom!)

  4. I fly about 4 times almost every week. My go-to pants are Coldwater Creek knit jeans. The bootcut look very dressy and you can literally roll them up in a ball and they de-wrinkle in the shower. Warning - the bootcuts run big so go down a size or two. I really like the slim legs, but the colors are limited. Bring a variety of tops and you are good to go. I have not checked a bag for years and years.

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