Sunday, May 26, 2013

Part 2, Accessories Step by Step: Khaki and Green

Just as a reminder, these are the additional accessories that we haven't discussed yet:
Bandanna - Jacob Cohen, watch - Wewood, star scarf - Dianora Salviati, green earrings- Nan Fusco, bracelet - Chan Luu, striped scarf - Faliero Sarti, necklace - Seta di Jaipur

Picking patterned scarves is exponentially more difficult than working with solid scarves, but for this wardrobe I've stuck with the simplest solution - scarves that combine the two or three main colors of the wardrobe.  As a reminder, the adjectives I was keeping in mind while searching for accessories included natural, organic, lineny, matte textured, and relaxed.

A bandanna seems obvious, but this one, color-blocked with khaki and green, was a fun variation and looks a lot more elegant than just any old bandanna purchased at a truck stop.

The wooden watch - what a brilliant idea! It combines the two colors we want, and it has that summery, woodsy sensibility that I think suits these clothes well.  It's a fairly casual watch, but certainly could still be worn with the dress without clashing horribly.

The star scarf just just plain fun, and the striped scarf is a shape and size that can be worn in a variety of ways.  You don't really have to have six scarves in this wardrobe - you don't HAVE to have any scarves - but I kept seeing scarves that suited these clothes so well, I just couldn't resist.  For summer scarves, it makes sense to be sure that they're washable - a quick rinse in the bathroom sink and they're fresh and ready to go without ironing or fussing...

The earrings just captured my heart - they're simple but utterly unique, and not so over the top that you couldn't wear them frequently.  These, and a pair of gold studs, might be all you'd need, all summer.

Chan Luu bracelets have all of the qualities that this wardrobe demanded.  They make a statement by virtue of the multiple strands, but because they're simple cord and beads, they're not frou-frou or too lady-like to wear while barbecuing or walking on the beach...  and the necklace has those same virtues.  The green color we love is pronounced, while the overall "feel" of the necklace is still kind of relaxed but not timid.

How does this all play out? (remember, all clothing comes from L.L.Bean).


  1. I wasn't that excited about pink...but green and khaki, YES!! I am going to look up that LL Bean Green Jacket right now! I love this shade of green...more saturated than the lime greens so prevalent this time of year. Have a wonderful day, Janice!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thought process and working so hard to our benefit - I don't like green and the ideas you illustrate can apply to any accent colour.

  3. Love love love that bandanna! I wear them on my head in the blazing hot desert summers, somewhat less hot than a hat but still offering some protection to the scalp.

  4. I'm getting the hang of it! Thanks.

  5. Thanks again for sharing your thought process, very very helpful. Your hard work really makes a difference.

  6. Even though I'm not a fan of green, I think this may be my favorite post of all. I'm intrigued by the adjectives you used to narrow your search for fashion. I've always used color and style, but the adjectives have been missing. The adjectives take the outfits to a new level of styling...something I've been missing. Now, I'm going to start thinking about my capsules with adjectives! Yay! Theresa

  7. Love, love, love getting an insight into your thought process! Thank you! When I hear green and beige, I think "camo" but your outfits don't make we want to go hunting at all....except maybe hunting for a perfect purse and shoes!

  8. I'm totally addicted to this blog but honestly, Im still learning and it's not all falling into place just yet but these insights are definitely helping thanks Janice, women like me need gurus like you xxx

  9. I love the green jacket. But I couldn't find it on LLBean's website. Do they still sell it? Thanks.

    1. Julie,
      Textured Cotton-Blend Open Cardigan at LL Bean in Field Moss Green.
      Cindy Collier

  10. Thank you, this post is so useful!

  11. I too am addicted! I check your blog everyday. My summer colors are blue, white and coral. I did a search and it doesn't appear that you ever did this combination. Any chance that this might inspire you?

  12. Thanks for using a casual wardrobe to for the accessories tutorial. I really do think that casual can also be stylish; it's just a bit more tricky to get there. Thank you so much for the step by step!! (BTW, I wear my Chan Luu bracelet all summer -- it's the perfect summer casual bracelet!)