Friday, May 03, 2013

How to wear a White v-neck sweater - the final sweater installment

This is the final v-neck sweater request - this time: white.  White sweaters are tricky because they don't tend to be opaque, and so layering under them can be difficult.  So for the most part, I've opted to treat this sweater as a really really nice tee shirt, and take advantage of its simplicity to enable to wearing of some great scarves and amazing jewelry. And of course, fun shoes!

white v-neck sweater with trousers and an Hermes scarf, or a skirt and an Hermes scarf
Sweater – Closed, scarves - Hermes, pants – Reiss, loafers – Tory Burch, 
skirt – John Lewis, pumps – Kate Spade

a white v-neck sweater with warm-toned neutral trousers, or with a warm-toned neutral skirt
Sweater – Closed, necklace- Aris Geldis, watch – Movado,  pants –  Burberry Prorsum
flats – Repetto, earrings and necklace – Banana Republic, skirt – Calvin Klein, 
pumps – Daniele Ancarani

a white v-neck sweater with a striped skirt and gold accessories, or with a navy tweed skirt and coordinated accessories
Sweater – Closed, necklace – Amrita Singh, linen cotton skirt – J. Crew, sandals – K Jacques, 
necklace – Jessica Elliot, linen tweed skirt – Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti, pumps –Bettye Muller 
a white v-neck sweater with brightly printed trousers, bright tee shirts, and fun shoes
Sweater – Closed, tee shirt – Miss Selfridge, jeans – True Religion, suede sneakers – Keds, 
tee shirt – Ralph Lauren, flowered pants- Adriana Voloshchuk, espadrilles – Sperry Top-Sider

a white v-neck sweater with dressy skirts and dressy sandals
Sweater – Closed, necklace – Sara Blaine, skirt – Bottega Veneta, sandals – Alexandre Birman
earrings – Rachel Reinhardt, skirt – Dolce and Gabbana, sandals – Stuart Weitzman

wearing a white v-neck sweater with jeans or khakis, a great scarf, and flat shoes
Sweater – Closed, scarves - Etro, jeans – Ralph Lauren, flats – Salvatore Ferragamo
 khakis – Vince, loafers – Stuart Weitzman

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  1. Maybe you can give a pointer to the layering-challeneged... how do you keep the shirt and/or blouse from riding up and creating under layers? I always have problems with that under sweaters and therefore usually wear a cardigan instead.

  2. Very timely! I was just considering a white v-neck. This was the perfect illustration for me. Thank you. Minda

  3. You sure can do a lot with a white v neck sweater. These are lovely combinations. I can't afford any of them, but I like them!

    1. Ah, these are just examples of what's possible - I could never afford these either. But if they give us ideas...

  4. It must be me- the white looks just so blankly washout-y, so unappealing. An I'm grateful for your post, it proves to me why white is mostly absent on my top half- unless I can pretty much counter its effect with a big scarf. Another one of those things I love on others.

  5. LOVING all those kitten-heeled pumps!

  6. I wear white t-shirts in the summertime, but have never considered a white sweater. This is probably due to our warm climate and the wish to wear autumn and other winter colors when it is finally cold enough for a sweater. But, I always closely study your posts. I have learned a lot and found things in my closet that will work with other things I own in combinations I had not considered.