Thursday, May 09, 2013

Dressing modestly in a hot climate: travel in blue and tan

Many of you are headed to warm climates, but still want or need to remain modest and somewhat covered-up.  This is one approach to this task.  I always choose a travel outfits that's layered, because airplanes are of course going to be cold (five miles up in the sky, the outside temperature is pretty low!).  The photograph was sent to me by someone planning for such a trip - I'm not using it for color inspiration as much as just a focal point for the delights to come...
Striped tee – Majestic, cardigan- J. Crew,  linen pants – Rafaella, earrings – J. Crew, water-resistant watch – Sperry Top-Sider, loafers- Cole Haan, cotton scarf – Becksondergaard, tote bag – French Trotters, suitcase - Tumi
Next, there is a "six-pack" of garments, which includes one sleeveless top, which can always be layered under the cardigan when the situation requires. Walking sandals, some fun Keds, and a cross-body bag to keep your hands free...
Striped tee – Madewell, sleeveless chambray shirt – Maison Martin Margiela, blue obsidian earrings – Jamie Joseph, bracelet – Swarovski, linen skirt – L.L.Bean, sandals- Taryn Rose, cross-body bag – Artessorio,  linen and tencel pants – L.L.Bean, linen sweater – Madewell, white shirt – Madewell, canvas shoes - Keds
So you have enough options for five or six days at least...

What if you're going to be gone for a week or ten days?  Add some other items...
Tee shirt- Reiss, earrings- Judith Jack, ring- Georg Jensen, sunglasses – Fossil, white linen shirt –Rag & Bone, blue linen capris -MaxMara

And if your trip is for two weeks or longer, toss this into your bag too!
Tunic-Uniqlo, flat gold sandals – Sperry Top-Sider, linen dress – Marni, wrap top – Nic + Zoe, linen cardigan jacket – Nic + Zoe


  1. It's exciting to see how many stylish outfits you can make from a very few well chosen pieces. Thanks again for another lovely post.

  2. I love this combination of blue and tan! I've been working on a similar combination for my upcoming trip to Sweden this summer--thank you so much for your ideas! Now I'm convinced that I need a beige skirt for the trip!

    1. Dear Kirsti, I hope you love your trip to Sweden. Please remember that it is quite cool there in the summer, and there can be lots of rain! But, it is always beautiful. Kirsten


  3. One of your most helpful travel-packing posts ever, Janice! I love everything about this.

  4. Love the colour combo!

  5. I could live in those items for several weeks - such a fresh and wearable colour choices.

  6. Hi Janice,

    I thought I would need to wait patiently for this and you produced it so quickly. Thank you very much as it will work so well for our trip. I love the colour combination too. Now I will get busy with my sewing.

    Deb from Vancouver

  7. This is actually a great everyday wardrobe for those of us who live in warm climates. Very pretty!

  8. Dear Janice, Thanks for the great post. I spend a lot of time in hot and humid climates. I love natural fibers, but do resort to "Cool Max" type fibers for tops (each sports company has a different name for their fibers). And, in places such as in the lovely picture of Viet Nam, where it is beastly humid and the sun is overhead, thin cotton (gauze especially) with long sleeves is very necessary to cover arms, preventing sunburn. Although I wear shorts, a skirt can be good, but getting on and off small boats, is a bit tricky, if you know what I mean! Recently, while in the Caribbean, my "best" cover was a cool-max t-shirt with a long sleeve, thin cotton blouse. I think I would have died with anything different! Oh, and a BIG hat. The tropical sun is merciless. I play golf three days a week in Maui, and MUST have cool-max golf shirts. Thanks for ALL your wonderful pictures and insights. Your fan, Kirsten

  9. I live in Texas where it is very hot and humid all summer long. Not many cardigans will be worn except perhaps in a over chilled restaurant. I tend to wear mostly dresses. My biggest issue is footwear because, due to a medical condition, I have to wear heavy duty compression stockings all the time. Any ideas on how to make flats look great with dresses? Sometimes they look clunky. I would appreciate any advice.

  10. A shout out for the Macabi skirt; it's featherweight SUpplex so washes and dries like a dream. You can adjust the length and it has a security pocket. It does not wrinkle like linen. That and those crinkle silk skirts are all I took to India, where legs must be covered and even pants with a short top are not OK. If you are there or in some Muslim countries, pants with a top that does not cover the butt is simply not modest enough. No sleeveless, either, unless you are in a tourist resort.

  11. Janice this is a sensational collection! I've been revisiting it all day ... beautiful colour scheme, lovely items, a real inspiration.
    Thanks, as always xxx

  12. Like some other commenters, I live in a climate thats humid and warm, although not sweltering hot. If you ever have to visit a place like that, I recommend natural fibres, woven fabric instead of knits, and no sleeves or very wide sleeves, at least for inner layers - the most important thing here is not to cover yourself, but not to sweat exessively. You can always add a light outer layer with sleeves for public transport or shops, where the temperature is incredibly low due to aircon, or if you need to cover yourself under the burning midday sun.
    Just my two cents.
    Apart from that, I would like to say thanks for your work, Janice, I come by often to see your nice compilations.