Friday, May 24, 2013

Black, White and Pink - expanding on a core wardrobe

Let's go back and visit our friend who loves black, white and pink.  She has a black suit - remember?  and I suspect that she has a simple black sweater to wear with her black cardigan.  And she wouldn't be a real lover of pink if she doesn't have a pretty pink blouse. Since she owns black pants, a pair of black loafers would certainly be included. So she has a core of items looking kind of like this:

White cardigan - Rag & Bone, black blazer, skirt and pants - Mango, pink cardigan - J. Crew, black cardigan - J. Crew,  black sleeveless sweater - J. Crew, sunglasses - Ray-Bans, pink silk blouse - J. Crew, ring - Baccarat, black flat sandals - John Lewis,  earrings - Baccarat, scarf - Guess, black pumps - Brooks Brothers, bracelet - Baccarat, black &white slingbacks - Miu Miu, pink pumps - Michele Grimaldi, black kitten-heel sandals - Ralph Lauren, black slingbacks - Stuart Weitzman, black loafers - Dolce Vita

So when she determines that she need a new skirt - something a bit more feminine and fun, this one immediately strikes her fancy.
floral skirt - Olivia Rubin

 Can she get any mileage from a skirt like this?  Absolutely!

And a simple striped top has a lot of potential, too.  Shopping, once you have a plan and some well-defined core colors, becomes somewhat less difficult, and often much more successful.
striped top - LNA


  1. This floral skirt is beautiful and I am not a big fan of floral!! I am getting so excited about shopping in Chicago!

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    1. I love this color combination. I used Wednesday's post as an inspiration for a travel capsule for an upcoming trip to England. I did add a few hints of grey to soften up the black a little for summer.

  3. I love the striped top, but the link doesn't work! And yes I need a plan!

  4. Brilliant! Gorgeous skirt, and nice little top too. Elizabeth.

  5. I really like a pretty floral skirt of good quality. The black trim at the bottom of this skirt creates a flattering line.

  6. "Shopping, once you have a plan and some well-defined core colors, becomes somewhat less difficult, and often much more successful." I may print this on a card and keep it with me. Thanks for advice on how to shop to expand the core. :)

  7. I bought several tops in coral/and light orange tones. I will be traveling soon and want to take mainly black, dark gray pants, cardigans etc. How can I not look like early Halloween?

    BTW I love the pink...wish I had started there!

  8. There is something about this color combination - especially with that beautiful dress you showed a couple of days ago - that just elevates my mood by several notches. I'm realizing that I need to wear more pink! -Murphy

  9. Heading to SF-and using your capsule packing tips. Thanks!! Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  10. I am about to set off for a month's holiday with one suitcase and a tote bag, and feeling much more organised than usual, although I have taken more things than you would, Janice (I still feel can't quite believe it will all work and have added a few back-ups). But it's progress, and I will note what works and what I could have left behind. I'll also be making notes about stylish sightings! I will miss your blog. Keep well. Elizabeth.