Friday, April 19, 2013

How to wear an Bright Green v-neck sweater

  • Wear a bright green sweater with solid jeans or pants and a printed scarf

Sweater – J. Crew, scarves - Etro, jeans – Ralph Lauren, loafers – Marc Jacobs,  khakis – Vince, flats – Repetto

  • Wear a bright green sweater with printed trousers and sandals

Sweater – J. Crew, necklace – Dries Van Noten, wide-leg pants - Kenzo, sandals – Madison Harding, 
earrings –  Lori’s Shoes, pants – J. Crew, sandals – Sergio Rossi

  • Two outfits with a bright green sweater, white jeans, and a printed tee shirt

Sweater – J. Crew, tee shirt – Splendid, white jeans – J. Crew, espadrillesCastaner, tee shirt – Top Shop, flats - Lanvin

  • Wear a bright green sweater with a white or off-white blouse, a skirt, and an Hermes scarf

Sweater – J. Crew, scarves - Hermes, white cotton shirt – Equipment, skirt – Diane von Furstenberg, 
pumps – L’Autre Chose, white silk blouse – Chloe, skirt – Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti
pumps – Jimmy Choo

  • Bright green sweater outfits with a printed blouse and a skirt or trousers

Sweater – J. Crew, floral blouse – Ted Baker, skirt – Shu Moriyama, pumps - Butter, 
sleeveless blouse – Adrianna Pappell, pants – Forte Forte, sandals – J. Crew

  • Two bright green skirt outfits with a printed or patterned skirt

Sweater – J. Crew, earrings – Fornash, skirt – Dream Daily, sandals – Manolo Blahnik
earrings – Jennifer Meyer, skirt – Patagonia, sandals – La Caprese

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  1. That's for me ! I have quasi the same sweater and I'm very happy to see your ideas to wear it differently.
    Thanks, Janice!

  2. That sweater is such a beautiful color. Gorgeous pallettes. Thanks!

  3. I am not shopping right now, and you are not making this very easy, but the first thing on my list will be an Etro scarf for my birthday at the end of this year.

  4. The colour of that sweater is gorgeous. So many different outfits make a woman want to shop.

  5. this is the most helpful style blog ever!
    thank you.

  6. Gorgeous color but is it really aquamarine? My pc must be off because to me it's a kelly green.

    1. I tried to match it on my computer to a big page of color names - they called it aquamarine. This is one of the biggest challenges of the computer life - we all see slightly different colors. My blog looks different when I visit family members and look at it on their computers! We're just going to have to call it artistic license, right?

    2. Sounds great. I think my color monitor is off. It's a beautiful capsule, as always.

      Thank you for taking all the time you take to make these capsules. You are so talented at this and you have made my shopping so much easier.

      I think you should do this as a profession! I would certainly pay to have you put together a capsule.

      Thanks again,

      Christine xo

  7. Hi Janice, I love your blog. I find myself drawn to the scarves but I have small (stain magnet, snag prone) children. :) Can scarves be any material as long as it drapes nicely? On a tiny budget- can I crochet something frilly and delicate or get fabric at the craft store, finish the edges and voila? Thank you for sharing your elegant, beautiful style.

    1. OH heavens yes! Scarves don't have to cost a bajillion dollars, nor be of some precious fiber, in order to be beautiful. I show some really amazing scarves, because frankly I find that the photographs of them are great. But a scarf is just fabric jewelry - let your creativity run wild!