Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A navy & yellow summer wardrobe, with accessories

The yellow made me think of flowers, and this is a good season to be looking at floral garments and accessories - they're everywhere... but it would be easy to focus your summer accessories on all things nautical, or other unifying themes that could make you smile all summer long.

These are the accessories, and the "accessory garments":

Cotton cardigan – Nick & Zoe, sunglasses – Courreges, dangle flower earrings – Jardinnecklace – Mallarino, daisy earrings- AZ Collection, tee shirt – Weekend by MaxMara, daisy bracelet – Banana Republic, plaid cotton scarf – Uniqlo, skirt –Paul Smith, navy sandals – David Tate, yellow flats – Aldo, gold sandals – Taryn Rose, scarf - Hermes
Just in case you need to dress up - the cardigan gives you a sense of being "dressed", for a meeting, or a more conservative activity.  The basic white tee shirt, and a daisy bracelet, are a cool way to get a lot of mileage from an amazing floral skirt.

The navy can be a really serious outfit, with a classic scarf to brighten it up a little bit.  But the tee shirt, and the whimsical daisy earrings, are perfect with shorts when your work day is done.
More skirts - I believe in skirts for hot weather; even if you're wearing some sort of "control" undergarment, they're still cool, and always feel dressier than even the nicest pants.  The simple cotton scarf, bright ballet flats, and some floral-themed jewelry are all the accessories you need.
The cool daisy bracelet subtly reflects the floral accents on the tee shirt; flat metallic sandals echo the gold of the bracelet and pull everything together.  Metallic flats or sandals are a surprisingly useful summer accessory to consider.  And the yellow and navy stand alone in a casual summer outfit, where the yellow is made to look "on purpose" with the addition of ballet flats, and yellow sunglasses.
The yellow tank top can be either relaxed and casual, under a shirt jacket, with linen pants, or much more dressy, worn with that beautiful floral skirt.  Low-heeled shoes and floral motif jewelry make your outfit finished, but not fussy.
And as is the case with all of these summer ensembles, the core garments are all from L.L.Bean.


  1. It is going to be a stormy day here today, and a little yellow with navy will brighten things up. I have to be ever so careful with yellow or else I get the dredded question whether I am well...

  2. What whimsical choices--insouciant and fun without being too youthful. Daisies always make me smile.

    1. I think the idea of having a signature motif for a season - especially for summer - can be fun without costing a bundle, or limiting your long-term style options. We can enjoy the process of getting dressed without being silly or childish!

    2. Wonderful! I had on a bright yellow cardigan yesterday over a yellow/gray/black/white dress, and two people at work -- guys, no less -- complimented me. One went so far as to say "Yellow's your color." So funny, because I hardly have any yellow in my wardrobe. Time to seek out some more!

    3. I think this is so much fun! Exactly what summer dressing is all about.

  3. Janice, I have been a lurker for about a year since I happened across your site by accident. I love it! I have struggled with what is "my style" and being on a tight budget makes it more of a challenge. I have discovered thrift shops and realized that I can often find high quality clothing for under $10. Thank you for giving me inspiration and ideas for ways to put those bargains together.
    The reason I finally commented today was that in looking over some older posts I saw comments referring to disgruntled people that complained about what you did or didn't post and how often. Today I enjoyed your post even though none of it was particularly my style or color, but it is all cute and can work for someone else! The days that you post things about purple are definitely for me and maybe not for someone else. That is one of the great things about what you do... variety and ideas for everyone!
    One of my goals is to get to the project 333 point. I am getting closer to simplifying my life and my morning routine with your expert advice. Thanks!