Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm out of town right now - actually, I've been out of town since Thursday afternoon; the magic of the internet means that I can schedule blog posts ahead of time!  I'm visiting a number of my relatives, which is the easiest packing; laundry is available, and borrowing clothes is always possible.  I'm carrying the huge suitcase because belovedest and I are sharing the bag, and his clothes and shoes take up a LOT of space...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Someone suggested that the orange accents from last week might easily be substituted with turquoise blue. Entirely right, very simple, and very beautiful.

Cardigan – L.K.Bennett, sunglasses – Ray-Ban, pearl stud earrings – Dorothy Perkins,  
necklace – Mawi, blue flower earrings – Kate Spade, tee shirt – Warehouse, bracelet –Souffle
chiffon scarf – Liberty London, pants - Topshop, scarf – Hermes, flat sandals – Cole Haan
flats – Blowfish


All clothes -  L.L.Bean


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Silk scarf - Hermes, linen wrap – Etro

Tee shirt - Hugo, cardigan – Jardin des Orangers, turquoise stud earrings- Jamie Joseph, watch – Kate Spade, pants – Lucza London, loafers – Brooks Brothers, bag – Saint Laurent,  suitcase – Samsonite
Necklace – Stella and Dot, dress – Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, drop earrings – Sandra Dini, bracelet – Kelly Wearstler, pumps – Jimmy Choo, sweater – 3.1 Phillip Lim, skirt – Toast, cardigan – DKNY,  silk blouse – Skunkfunk,  sleeveless top – Prabal Gurung, ballet flats – Bloch

Friday, April 26, 2013

A couple of people have asked me about the widespread advice that every woman show have a denim jacket. Of course I disagree with this idea - I don't think anybody else can tell you what you should have in your wardrobe.

Traditional denim jackets can be really cool, but they're not always flattering:

Jackets – J. Crew, Rag & Bone, Acne
There's nothing particularly wrong with denim; there are a variety of options in denim that could be a lot more flattering than the traditional cropped, narrow fit.
Denim slouch coat – Topshop, denim blazer – Gucci, long denim coat – Miu Miu
Maybe the cut is okay, but the color doesn't work very well; there are denim jackets in other neutral colors that might be a lot more useful for you.
Copper denim jacket – Uniqlo, olive mixed-fabric jacket – Lucky Brand, black denim jacket – R13
Or you could get really radical and choose a jacket in a bright color, or a fun pastel.
Denim jackets - Uniqlo

Lavender denim jacket – Uniqlo, pink jacket – Superdry, mint denim jacket - Newlook
And for many of us, a cardigan in a neutral color will provide that essential warm layer, and finished appearance, without the "hardness" of a denim jacket.
Cardigans - Uniqlo
Any suggestion of a "must-have" item is worth thinking about, if only to find the germ of the idea that could be useful for you.  In this case, a multi-purpose, not too dressy, not too warm layer to pull over a variety of outfits is the gist of what is suggested.  There are a world of options; one of them is perfect for you.
Cardigan – Uniqlo, earrings – Baccarat, beige lace dress – Dolce and Gabbana,  ring – Baccarat, sandals – Chinese Laundry, floral blouse – Billie and Blossom, coral pants – MSGM, sandals – Report, bracelet – Michael Kors, bag – Madewell, sunglasses – A.P.C., mosaic print tee – Calypso St. Barth, white capris – Sportmax, sandals - Rowen

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I know, if we don't buy their clothes, they won't have jobs.  I've heard that.

I don't care.  I don't want this in my closet.

Happily, at this moment, absolutely NO retailer has admitted that they purchased garments from this factory.  That seems unlikely, doesn't it?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Silk cardigan – Marni, sunglasses – Ray-Ban, pearl stud earrings – Dorothy Perkins,  necklace – BCBG Max Azria, barrel hoop earrings – Michael Kors, tee shirt – Warehouse, bracelet –  Good Charma, cotton scarf – Mapoesie, pants - Topshop, scarf – Hermes, flat sandals – Cole Haan, ballet flats – Banana Republic
All clothes - L.L. Bean

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This was a special request from someone who LOVES, and looks good in, neon yellow.  To her I say carpe the sweater; few of us can wear this color well.  It's a great way to stand out in a crowd, and make a very cheery statement on even the gloomiest days.

  • Outfits including a yellow sweater and a dressy printed skirt
Sweater – Erica Cavallini, earrings – Tita, skirt – Sportmax, sandals – Marc by Marc Jacobs, earrings – Tita, skirt – Prabal Gurung, sandals – Frye

  • Outfits with a yellow sweater, solid jeans or trousers, and a patterned scarf

Sweater – Erika Cavallini, scarves - Etro, jeans – Ralph Lauren, sneakers - Keds,  black linen pants – Vince, boots – Christopher Kane

  • Outfits including a yellow sweater and patterned pants

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, earrings – Fantasy Jewelry Box, pants – Topshop, sandals – 
Brooks Brothers, earrings – Mallary Marks, silk pants Dolce and Gabbana, espadrilles – Sesto Meucci

  • Outfits including a yellow sweater and a printed top, with either trousers or a skirt

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, scarves - Hermes, white cotton shirt – Equipment, pants – Armani, 
flats – La Botte Gardiane, white silk blouse – Chloe, skirt – Ralph Lauren, pumps – Dorothy Perkins

  • Outfits with a yellow sweater, white jeans, a printed tee shirt, and sandals

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, tee shirt – Karen Millen, white jeans – J. Crew, sandals – Steve Madden, tee shirt – Sass and Bide, sandals – Steve Madden

  • Outfits with a yellow sweater, white or off-white blouse, and trousers or a skirt

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, scarves - Hermes, white cotton shirt – Equipment, pants – Armani, flats – La Botte Gardiane, white silk blouse – Chloe, 
skirt – Ralph Laurenpumps – Dorothy Perkins

N. Peal (Retail) Limited

Monday, April 22, 2013

Well, not anything horrendous or drastic (let's be serious, last week wasn't a great week for many of us...), but when I woke up Friday morning to the sounds of SNOW HITTING MY WINDOW, I  retreated to my jeans, which I had not included in my 33 garments.  Of course, when I picked those 33 pieces of clothing, I didn't expect to have to dress for snow.  Sigh...

Monday and Tuesday were great, similar to last week, I started with a black "suit", chose a bright tee shirt, and added a scarf to tie things together and brighten things up.  Tuesday was a core of black garments, with boots, a cardigan, and a cashmere scarf to keep warm,

Wednesday and Thursday were also very uncomplicated.Another core of black, with a natural-colored linen jacket, and ANOTHER scarf.  This was the one day of the week that was warm enough that the linen was appropriate later in the day; during the cool early morning walk to work, my black jacket and the black patterned scarf kept me warm.  Thursday-the great long silk dress, with a pink sweater over it, my workhorse tall boots, and my favorite fringed scarf.

Friday, I fell off the wagon.  It was snowing.  I was exhausted, both physically and mentally.  Jeans! and one of the sweaters from Project 333.  And, of course, a scarf.  Saturday, we walked for miles running errands, so I stuck with my jeans, and grabbed a sweatshirt.

So I strayed beyond the original 33 garments.  I don't feel terribly guilty about needing to wear a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt - I truly didn't anticipate snow on April 19th. This time last year, we were facing temperatures in the 70's and 80's - my spring jacket was never getting out the door.  Lessons for the future...

As a reminder, below you can see the 33 to which I'm trying to limit myself, at least through the end of June, possible through the end of August.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pants – Brunello Cuccinelli, sleeveless top – Dorothy Perkins, cord bracelet – Dorothy Perkins, blush sandals – Marais USA, chalcedony earrings –NuNu, tunic – Mary Portas, lace ballet flats – J.C. Penney, tank top – Uniqlo, tote bag – Ted Baker, sandals - Balenciaga

When you read those "10 wardrobe classics every woman MUST have", you'll often see a pair of khaki pants included as one of the ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED pieces of clothing...

What utter tripe - there is NO REQUIRED GARMENT for any woman's wardrobe.  (Yes, I firmly believe some women can live without a bra, and if you wear tights every day, then other undergarments might be optional too...)

That said, there is some logic to the idea of a pair of khakis are a core garment...

First, the specific definition of "khakis" is pretty loose to start with, and could include any of these sort of things:
Khakis – Vince, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Uniqlo
But the general goal, in saying that you must own khakis, is really to make sure that you have a pair of washable, "dressier than jeans", pair of pants that can be worn to events where jeans would be just too casual, but which aren't so over the top that you can't sit on the ground, or lift a box, if the occasion demands.

Knowing that, we have choices.  Most obvious - khakis can just be cotton twill pants in any neutral color you prefer:
Cotton twill pants - L.L.Bean
For some women, a cotton twill skirt will be a preferred alternative:
Cotton twill skirts - L.L.Bean
In the winter, many of us choose a pair of corduroy pants in place of twill.  The feel warmer, and they just seem "wintery-er".
Corduroy pants - L.L.Bean
And in the scorching hot summer, linen pants can be a great alternative.  Yes, many linen pants are washable; always check before purchasing.  Nothing gets softer and cooler than linen after a couple of years...

Linen palazzo pants – Brunello Cucinelli, chambray trousers – Topshop, tan linen trousers – J. Crew
Remember, behind many of these wardrobe "essentials", there might be a grain of truth, and good advice.  Always dissect the intent of what you're being told, and then apply your intelligence and your own, very personal, good taste, and choose your OWN essentials.  There are no rules; don't let anybody tell you otherwise.