Friday, March 29, 2013

How to wear a PINK v-neck sweater

Once you get over the whole gender stereotype issue that many of us have with pink, you have to admit that it can be really pretty...  Very few of us would not be flattered by a color in this range.

Sweater – Joie, earrings – Allegro, skirt – Bottega Veneta, sandals – Aldo, earrings – Tiffany, skirt – Dolce & Gabbana, sandals – Stuart Weitzman 
Sweater – Joie, scarves - Etro, jeans – Ralph Lauren, flats – Cheap Monday,  khakis – Vince, flats – Hogan 
Sweater – Joie, pearls – Blue Nile, pants – Mulberry, sandals – K Jacques, earrings – Irene Neuwirth, pants – Opening Ceremony, gold pumps - Jimmy Choo 
Sweater - Joie, watch – Rado, blouse – Dolce & Gabbana, pants –  Narciso Rodriguez, flats – Repetto, earrings – Georg Jensen, jacquard blouse – Balmain, skirt – St. John, pumps – J. Crew 
Sweater – Joie, scarves - Hermes, white cotton shirt – Equipment, pants – Windsmoor, loafers - Debenhams, white silk blouse – Chloe, skirt – Donna Karan, pumps – Jimmy Choo 
Sweater - Joie, tee shirt – Camille & Marc, white jeans – J. Crew, sneakers – Swell, tee shirt – Majestic, sneakers – Dorothy Perkins


  1. Hi Janice,

    I recently stumbled on your blog and am thrilled to see your work. I am a tall woman with a small budget. Trying to find moderately priced clothes that fit me and my budget means I order most of my clothing online. Every year there are fewer pieces of clothing available in my size and what is available tends to be MOST basic pieces available. To see what you can do with accessories and colors gives me a lot of inspiration ! Thank you.

  2. 91d8a, I am tall too, 5'10" with most height in legs. Recently bought cyclamen pink cords on super sale @ Talbot's, wild for me. Cannot believe the compliments, After a bleak, long winter people love to see pink. Wearing them with navy, black or stone v-necks.

  3. Duhese, Sounds like a really cute outfit. The Talbots store and outlet near me closed. So, I tend to look at their stuff online now. My biggest problem is long sleeve tops. I have extra long arms. Do you like how their tops fit ? I am 5'9" and find LL Bean pants fit my shape best and their tall pants are long enough. Where else do you shop ?

  4. Hmmm.... there was a pink v-necked cardigan shoved into the back of my closet. Did I put it in the donate pile? Must dig it out!!!

  5. So beautiful, Janice. I have a yellow sweater I could use with many of these accessories and looks wow, thanks. It's still cold here so I think I'll wear it for Easter services -so Spring-like..lovely..thank you so much for this idea. Can't wait to see your 333 Spring-Summer wardrobe.

  6. I think I belong to that group of women who look ghastly in pink, and for that matter in most of the typical spring colors. Tried it with navy or dark brown, but for some reason I have better luck 'warming up' white, grey, or navy, than these cool soft pastels. Oh well, there are many other options to find here...

  7. I like the contrast between this sweater post and the previous one.

    Many of the styles are similar. But the impact of pink vs red is very different.


    1. EXACTLY! I'm deliberately reusing a lot of garments - the jeans and khakis have been the same through this series, and I'm showing a lot of the same skirts, tee shirts and pants specifically to show versatility, and the degree to which color choice can change everything.
      thanks for being here!

  8. Dear Janice, I just returned from a week in Aix en Provence and I used you as a total reference in packing. I was able to fit everything into an overnight case and I always felt appropriately dressed and had a much easier time lugging a small suitcase up my 6 fights of stairs! Thank you so much for all you do for all of us. It is so helpful!