Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to wear Floral Jeans - Version Pastel

I'm going to look at two or three different floral jeans in the next few days - these are pastel, but I'm going to try to find some brighter ones, and some in warmer tones too...

My first thought was to choose a soft, flattering color from within the print, and pick a top in that color:

Floral jeans – J. Crew, silk blouse – Balmain, earrings – Rena Luxx, pumps – Brooks Brothers, tee – Brunello Cuccinelli, bracelet – Brooks Brothers, loafers – La Botte Gardiane
Neutrals are an obvious possibilities. Accessories can echo the whole flower theme: 

Floral jeans – J. Crew, sweater – Dorothy Perkins, earrings – BaubleBar, flats – Stuart Weitzman, blouse – L’Agence, bracelet – Dorothy Perkins, flats – Vera Wang
Something that seems basically summer could work for transitional spring days, if paired with a sweater that has a spring color but a colder-weather weight. 
Floral jeans – J. Crew,  sweater – Uniqlo, necklaceBaubleBar, loafers – B Brian Atwood,  sweater – Reiss 1971, watch – Fossil, ballet flats – Massimo Dutti
A top that includes two of the colors of the print is an obvious choice (but PLEASE unbutton a couple of those buttons, please!!!). And your favorite beige tunic will definitely be a happy choice - toss in a pretty clutch to tie things together.
Pink jeans – Current/Elliott, chambray shirt - MiH, sandals - Balenciaga, tunic – Uniqlo, clutch – Emilio Pucci, pumps - Gabor
Pattern mixing?  I vote NO, unless you're pretty skilled at this sort of thing.  I don't care WHAT catalog thinks its a good idea...  But it could be managed, if you're careful:

Floral jeans – J. Crew, tee – Esprit, earrings – Madison Precious Jewels, flats - Ash, blouse – Acne, earrings – Henri Rocks, sandals – K. Jacques
And finally, you can wear a scarf with these kinds of garments...  And I just can't resist tossing in one more outfit, with SHAMROCK earrings:

Floral jeans – J. Crew, scarf – Faliero Sarti, tee shirt – J Brand, ballet flats – Cole Haan, tee – 3.1 Phillip Lim, shamrock earrings – tuleste market, sandals – Vince Camuto


  1. As always, interesting ideas. I like the white and grey with these jeans, but I'd be inclined to "toughen" them up with a leather jacket, or use jewel tone. Just a thought...

  2. You did a lovely job of presenting this floral pair. However, I'm not sold on floral jeans for someone of my age and shape. I would be afraid they might accentuate my biggest flaws. I felt the same way about colored jeans last year until I tried a pair of coral pants that became a particular favorite. So time will tell.

  3. I agree with Kristien that floral jeans are best left to the younger women, as they remind me too much of PJs. And boy, do I agree with you, Janice, on pattern mixing. A lot of caution is advised or else it is just messy. As I go on with these important musings, why does it make such a difference if the upper buttons are open and the collar popped?

    1. Well, I could go with the standard "style" explanation about a longer visual line making us look taller etc., but to me, a buttoned top button looks like the Amish boys with whom I grew up. Nice young men, but not fashion icons!

  4. LOVE the idea of floral jeans but I agree with the other comments that I would need to wear them brighter and more statement-like. These make me think of wearing our pajamas in public and definitely not. I'm looking forward to the next posting. Thanks for all the work you put into these. They are much appreciated.

  5. This is an interesting idea - I just don't really like pastels. I do find the first shoe choice (Brooks Brothers pumps) too heavy for this "spring" ensemble.

    Look forward to the brighter combos.

    1. I just have to comment on these combinations. Although I love, love, love your style suggestions Janice, I do not like these patterned trousers at all. To me, in spite of your brilliant options to co-ordinate with them, they still look like pyjamas. Plus, with my unfortunately large thighs, I could never wear them as they make me look my true size (which I am always looking to disguise!).

      Please go back to your usual classic styles! Much Love Lyn

  6. Thanks, Janice. The patterned jeans seem fun for spring. I'm slimmer on the lower half than the upper half so I think it would be interesting to try them! Susan

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