Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2013 Accent: "Tender Shoots" & A Common Wardrobe

I've taken a different approach here, which I think might be an effective way to wear a color that you really LOVE, (or that you have to wear for purposes of work or social solidarity - think favorite sports team) but that isn't terribly flattering to you.  (if you look good in the color, live it up; you're an uncommon beauty!)

Basically, I've concentrated the color in a pair of shoes, and a bracelet - two items that aren't going to have any opportunity to flatter or detract from your face, unless you're a contortionist.  Then a couple of prints or patterns that include moderate doses of the color in question, but which will bring the shoes and/or bracelet into your outfit with a deliberation that makes your outfit "pull together".  

Add a solid-colored cardigan, but also a scarf which mitigate the effect of the color by  bringing some brightness and cheer (and colors that suit you better!) closer to your face.  Does this all make sense?

Mesh bracelet – Peppercotton, cardigan – Michael Kors, sweater –  Kenzo, flats – Le Saunda, scarf – Amrita Singh, tee shirt – Rag & Bone

The Common Wardrobe upon which we are building:

All clothes - J. Crew 
Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. I love these little 'dashes' of color...they're a fun way to play with a color I wouldn't ordinarily wear. And they gussy up a boring outfit too.

  2. This is very pretty indeed. Scarves are a godsend, aren't they?

  3. The soft graduated colors in the Kenzo sweater probably would be flattering to everyone. But I'm also increasingly drawn to the cardigan (which is just the thing to make my gray eyes green). Very nice, Janice. You've given me some great ideas for making impact in a travel suitcase with a few Tender Shoots accents.

  4. That scarf is so fun! (Have you ever heard the story about Ben Franklin and George Whitefield? Franklin made sure to empty his pockets before going to hear Whitefield preach because he was so persuasive. I'm starting to feel the same way about my clothing budget and your posts! )
    Thanks for the creative ideas!

  5. This green is such a chic pop of color for spring...I love the flats!!

  6. I love the common wardrobe series. I'm really looking forward to your spring/summer common wardrobe. You really are very talented and down right brilliant when it comes to wardrobe planning.

  7. You did it again, made the impossible possible. Still, I think I'll give this color a pass. But I do know someone who would look great in this color. Sending them the link.

  8. Wow where did you find that Kenzo sweater? I think I love it!