Saturday, February 09, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2013 Accent: Monaco Blue & A Core Wardrobe

Silver flower ring – Georg Jensen, cardigan – Marc Jacobs, loafers – Gucci, denim tunic – Mulberry, dip-dyed jacquard scarf – Tory Burch, 
shoulder bag – Tinley Road, sweater – T by Alexander Wang

The Common Wardrobe with which we started:
All clothes - J. Crew
Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. Even on Saturdays! Thank you, Janice. I love this Monaco series. Just so wearable, yet casually coordinated. And this one is really right for my everyday dressing. A question, please: what is your opinion on denim-on-denim? I hear strong opinions on this!

  2. Beautiful, Janice. I just adore this Monaco Blue color.

  3. Would a "summer" who does not want any black in her wardrobe, exchange the black in the core wardrobe for Navy? Maybe the kahki for winter white? Would we get ample outfits out of that combination????

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  5. Such a pretty color! Reminds me of the beach on a cool day. Especially the first outfit, with the pants looking like pale sand and the sweater like grey clouds.

    Is it just me (or perhaps my monitor settings), or do the names of the pantone colors seem a little divorced from reality? Their emerald looks sort of teal... I have never seen an actual emerald gemstone that color. Same thing with dusk blue, which looks much more of a mid-day sky to me than one at chronological dusk--and nectarine--I would not eat a piece of fruit that dull. Ok, I'm done ranting about the true to life nature of the colors.

  6. This blue is such a pretty alternative to navy