Thursday, February 14, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2013 Accent: Linen goes to work

Mmmm, I think this is lovely - pink without being prissy...

bag – Jimmy Choo, cardigan – Schumacher, sweater – Vanessa Bruno, pumps – Simply Soles, scarf – Faliero Sarti, blouse - Equipment

The Common Wardrobe with which we started:
Minimalist Wardrobe, common wardrobe, basic wardrobe, 12-piece wardrobe
Turtleneck – L.L.Bean, blue striped shirt – Golden Goose, blue shirt – D&G, white shirt – Theory, navy blazer – A.P.C., grey sleeveless sweater – J. Crew, 
grey cardigan – J. Crew, navy v-neck – J. Crew, navy shirt – J. Crew, navy pants – A.P.C., 
grey skirt – Comme des Garcons, grey pants – Theory

Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. You're right - lovely! I'm often complimented when I wear a soft pale pink (more like the background on your site), yet I feel conflicted about the "little girl" message it gives off... This blush seems like a lovely solution (oh, DUH - it's also the color of my satin puffer vest - which I LOVE!)

  2. Thanks, Janice, for these pretty Valentine's Day wardrobe choices. Yes, blush is decidedly unprissy and beautiful with gray. Note to self: those flesh-colored heels must be very leg-lengthening.

  3. These are lovely, and using the blush color rather than a more "girly" pink is brilliant! Also, I prefer "blush" to the meh beige color that "linen" brings to mind. Sadly, I can't really wear either of those shades in any quantity (like a shirt). It just washes me out. I do love that tweed-looking cardigan, however!

  4. Decades ago I had my "colors" done and one color that I particularly like in my palette is icy pink. This is a barely pink color that is very hard to find but very flattering -- and such a nice change from white or blue (icy, french, cobalt, navy, etc.). The pumps come closest in this arrangement of pinks to icy pink. There are some blush pinks that come close but I really have to search for icy pink in blouses and tops. I tend to buy (if a classically styled item) when I find it.