Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2013 Accent: Linen & A Common Wardrobe

Maybe it's my eyes, maybe it's my computer, but to me, this looks like a lovely pale pink.  

Back in the dark ages, when I was a wardrobe consultant at a department store in Des Moines (!), we used to advise EVERYBODY to buy a handful of tops in the same color as their blush.  A blouse, a tee shirt, a twinset, maybe a turtleneck - these colors can be worn with ANY neutral, and they were always flattering.  

But that was also at a time when there would always be an entire round rack of "house brand" blouses in every color of the rainbow, ditto for tee shirts and sweaters, somewhere in the store.  Now, you have to be an internet detective to find garments in varying shades of rose, pink, coral and russet...

Cardigan – Schumacher, sweater – Miu Miu, tee shirt – 81 Hours, brogues – Robert Clergerie

The Common Wardrobe with which we started:
all clothes - J. Crew

Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. Wonderful idea for flattery, tops in makeup shades. But, in your internet detection, what color name did you look for? Blush, taupe, pink? Surely not linen.

    1. Blush! Lots of people use it as a catch-all term for pretty shades of pink.

  2. Blush seems to be a very trendy color used in weddings now too! My soon to be DIL is using it.,,

  3. Thank you for the hearts Janice. A lovely touch. Thanks for writing the blog, I love it. The first one I read every day.

  4. It is a really elegant color as you show it, though I think it would make me look dead. When you say "the same color as your blush", do you mean the actual color your skin blushes? For me it would be a much more vivid coral hue. I would be very happy to spend the summer wearing either or both of your "nectarine" and "poppy red" combos. This whole series has been very inspiring!