Friday, February 22, 2013

Considering Colors - 2 more books

A Book of Colors, by Shigenobu Kobayashi, available here for around a dollar!

This first book is chock full of color combinations, with specific references to a variety of adjectives (which you might find appropriate, or laughably odd).  Not everything to my taste (NOTHING should ever be exactly to my taste, unless I wrote it myself), but certainly many good ideas, and lots of thought-starters.

Color Image Scale, by Shigenobu Kobayashi, available here, starting at $30
Turns out that all three books by Kobayashi are fascinating little volumes, and cover a great deal of the same ground...

Remember the 180 words, from which we were requested to choose our favorites and least favorites, that I wrote about back on February 5th?  Color Image Scale printed a list of the 30 preferred and disliked words...  Clearly, the list from which these were drawn was quite different from the list in the original Colorist book, but I still think that these word choices are fascinating.  Bear in mind that this research was done in Japan in 1987 and 1988; I think some clear biases of time and place are evident.

Maybe everybody should email me their ten favorite and least-favorite words from February 5th (to the and I'll pull my hair out working on a spreadsheet to aggregate what words were chosen by all of us...


  1. A shout out for Janice Lindsay's "All About Color"- OOP now but I found a copy on Amazon for $40.

  2. I just was able to order them through Inter Library Loan from another library. ILL is a great tool for out of print books...or to preview any expensive books before purchasing. Most libraries do this free of charge for members too.

  3. Bought the $1.99 book. I think shipping was $3.99. Six bucks for a book?? No brainer!!!!
    Thx for posting.