Thursday, February 07, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2013 Accent: Monaco Blue in the warm palette

I confess, Monaco Blue is NOT an easy color to find.  I ended up going with lighter tones of it, but you might have to use your imagination a little bit for this color, until it becomes more widely available in stores.

Earrings - 1928, cardigan – Marc Jacobs, denim tunic – Mulberry, sunglasses – Ray-Ban, loafers – Bottega Veneta,
 scarf – Vivienne Westwood, sweater – T by Alexander Wang

The Common Wardrobe with which we started:
Top row – L.L.Bean, cream shirt – Kitsune, peach blouse – Chloe, cardigan & v-neck sweater – L.L.Bean, 
brown long-sleeved tee – La Garconne, tan pants – Jil Sander, cream jeans – Les Copains, brown pants – Maison Martin Margiela
Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. I adore it all! Very wearable, versatile color, and I believe, more flattering than cobalt. As much as I love the idea of cobalt, somehow it just never works on me.

  2. I like blue and brown together Because this blue is more subtle than the cobalt, it blends nicely with the warm palette. As an "autumn" with blue eyes, I had given up on blue but the softer blues work well.

  3. I find blues, except maybe navy or cobalt or greenish blues like teal and turquoise, the hardest colors to mix and match with each other. Somehow, medium and light shades of blue seem harder to match and easier to clash than any color. For this reason, I tend to avoid buying basics in blue.

  4. Dear Janice,
    Love the captions on the side! And you've done well with limited examples. Thanks for a great post. I agree with Ellen -- very wearable color.

  5. Could you please do this blue with a neutral base of cool colors for a summer ash blonde who is retired? It would help me immensely. I think my best neutral is a navy or grayed navy. I have been following you and have learned so much from you!

  6. What a lovely, softer alternative to navy. I really like it. this has been a fun series. Good work! thanks.

  7. I can't stand cobalt blue and navy blue just reminds me too much of school uniform.
    Monaco blue, however, is a wonderful colour to me. Especially together with brown and it blends so well with denim. I like that you show it with the warm wardrobe.