Thursday, January 24, 2013

True blue travel ideas

Tee shirt – T by Alexander Wang, earrings – Baccarat, watch – Bulova, cardigan – Reiss, pants – Mantu, loafers – Gianvito Rossi, tote bag – Kris-Ana, suitcase - Tumi

Today I'm doing my packing thing over at A Femme d'un Certain Age, where Tish is absolutely down to the wire on the edits on her book.  Is anybody else as excited as I am to see the finished product?  


  1. I very much like the soft navy paired with grey. The scarf is lovely. It is not Hermes, is it?

  2. Nope - Liberty of London. As much as I love Hermes scarves, there's a WORLD of beautiful silk scarves to be discovered!

  3. This is beautifully wearable. Your permutations are well on display here! And I love some of the Hermes scarves, quality unsurpassed and designs creative. I rarely wear "pictures" (though those medieval looking gazelles or whatever were wonderful). I tend to prefer geometrics, some abstract and florals. But you're right, you can find gorgeous scarves all over the world. And BTW, your use of texture in yesterday's post was amazing.

  4. I love this set- simple - classic and mixable! I agree the navy/grey combination is wearable and much softer for those of us with warm/softer coloring. I am coveting many of these items - particularly the navy loafers! I too love my Hermes scarves but find Liberty of London scarves are a 'more affordable' option much of the time.

  5. I love the cozy simplicity of this set. Looks like it would be great for travel & transitional weather.

  6. Dear Janice,

    Gorgeous as always... I've a file with my favourite packing ideas and this one it's going into it cool and elegant
    As you have been my inspiration for the last 2 years ( Ihave declutter my wardrobe and buying less on impulse!!!!) I would like to jnow your advice about a couple of questions:
    As with clothes I think we have more cosmetics and toilettries that we need ( I can't ressist the special offer a gifts)an I feel guilty after .. any ideas about editing the bathroom cabinets and what are the bare essencials cosmetics for be elegant and chic??
    As I suposse we are almost all femmes of a certain age, How to cope with hot flashes, and other "inconvenients" in and elegant way???
    Thanks a lot for your work and inspiration.

    Regards from Barcelona-SPAIN

  7. I am waiting for you to put out a book. It would be a classic.