Monday, January 28, 2013


I have a post all prepared about African Violet with the Warm Common Wardrobe, BUT...

Belovedest is home sick, and as we live in a studio apartment, that meant that I did NOT turn on my computer this morning.  

Ten hours or so from now, I will post it.  It's surprisingly nice, and well worth the wait.  I struggled to make the cool violet work with the warm tones, but with a few well-chosen (well, I chose them, so I THINK they're well-chosen!) accessories, it came together beautifully!

have a great Monday,
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  1. I hope, truly hope, that he doesn't have flu -- my Oldest had flu mist this year, but has still come down w/ "a mild case of flu," according to the doctor. She's been miserable for a week -- not dying, but very uncomfortable -- and has missed a lot of school.

    However, I have a question from a different slant: What kind of clothes does your DH wear?

    Is his office suit-and-tie, or, like my DH, perpetually casual? When DH wears something a little bit dressier than normal, (for example, a sweater-vest for warmth), he gets comments like, "You got a big meeting today?"


    1. I think he has food poisoning; he was at a sales conference for 4 days - til noon yesterday, and I have a pretty good hunch that I know what he ate that got him down...

      He is, not surprisingly, the best-dressed person in his office. Not suits all that often, but always a crisply pressed dress shirt, dress pants, beautifully shined shoes, and often a cardigan or sport coat. Pocket squares. Snazzy socks. He's lovely...

      And he does hear those questions often. He just quit caring. He's one of the oldest people in his office (at the ripe old age of 50!), and so he no longer feels any need to conform to their more casual standards of attire. He wears what makes him comfortable, and if he's a bit dressy, then so be it!

    2. Pocket squares!!! How wonderful. Hope B. feels much better soon.

    3. "... no longer feels any need to conform to their more casual standards..." Me too! Isn't getting older grand??

      Hope he is back on his feet by now.

  2. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. I hope you sweetheart feels better soon.