Friday, January 18, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe 2013 Accent: Lemon Zest, at work

This isn't exactly as bright as I think "Lemon Zest" is supposed to be, but I thought that this shade of yellow was particularly well-suited to a conservative environment.  It also might be a bit kinder to some complexions...

Cardigan – L.L.Bean,  tee shirt – L.L.Bean, shirt – L.L.Bean, scarf - Givenchy

Turtleneck – L.L.Bean, blue striped shirt – Golden Goose, blue shirt – D&G, white shirt – Theory, navy blazer – A.P.C., grey sleeveless sweater – J. Crew, grey cardigan – J. Crew, navy v-neck – J. Crew, navy shirt – J. Crew, navy pants – A.P.C., grey skirt – Comme des Garcons, grey pants – Theory

Pantone Spring/Summer 2013


  1. Love this affordable set. The only splurge would be the scarf, and that could be substituted for one that is less expensive! Also this could be purchased in your signature colors and would go a long way towards filling in the gaps!

  2. Lemon yellow and gray are so perfect together and a great way to begin a transition toward spring! I love this softer side of yellow!

  3. I literally do not own anything yellow - seriously, nothing - because i always feel orange when i wear (well, past tense, wore) it. But, I do think that this soft shade would be possible. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I think the yellow stuff would also look lovely with the blue shirts in the work wardrobe.

  5. Lovely! Seems very wearable.