Friday, January 04, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe 2013 Accent: Grayed jade, at work

Cardigan – Acne,  sweater – Etro, shirt – J. Crew, scarf – wrq.e.d

Turtleneck – L.L.Bean, blue striped shirt – Golden Goose, blue shirt – D&G, white shirt – Theory, navy blazer – A.P.C., grey sleeveless sweater – J. Crew, grey cardigan – J. Crew, navy v-neck – J. Crew, navy shirt – J. Crew, navy pants – A.P.C., grey skirt – Comme des Garcons, grey pants – Theory

Pantone 2013 Spring/Summer


  1. This is just great inspiration from Pantone. Four pieces in your favorite color have a lot of impact on your wardrobe. Your knowledge of the clothing and accessories brands is encyclopedic. It always amazes me because you consistently show brands I have never heard of.
    Thanks p,

  2. I notice that you didn't pair any of the blue pieces in the common wardrobe with the grayed jade. Would it look too 'fairy tale'? (Since I have daughters, 'Fairy Tale' color combinations have been prevalent around here. Even my 18-year old, now out of her Goth phase, attracted to Pink.)

    As a warm Spring, I am drawn to most of this season's colors.
    As a clueless stylista, I'm drawn to combining them all together!

    1. Actually, the blazer and pants are navy. Dark, dark, navy... but the clothes in this little pod are navy & grey - super-traditional office colors!
      thanks for being here,
      and have a glorious Friday!

  3. I'm loving the idea of injecting four simple pieces to completely inject a wardrobe with fun. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what you do with the Nectarine too. It's a color I'm drawn to...but a little scared of. I'm thinking hits of it will go a long way.

    Have a lovely weekend, Janice!

  4. Judy Woodruff wore grayed jade yesterday with a brown blazer. I would have to pair it like that to pull it off with my coloring. The navy combination is lovely, also.

  5. At work indeed. Gorgeous and inspiring pairings, Janice. Happy Almost Twelfth Night to you.

  6. Just got an e-flyer from Roots with new colours for their sweatpants (huge logo on the clothing, so awful, but some of the shoes/bags are appealing). They looked familiar and sure enough, it was pretty much the Pantones. Gave me a chuckle to know where the colours were coming from, thanks to your alert!