Monday, December 24, 2012

Will you be in Chicago January 5, 2013?

SIX of us are having tea at the Drake Hotel, at the Palm Court, at 2:30 pm.

Let me know if you're going to be in town, and I'll add onto the reservations...



  1. Oh if only I could make it....
    Happy Holidays Janice!

  2. My goodnees, how I would like to to that...
    Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for your wonderful blog.

  3. Ah, think of the lively conversation; I so wish...

    What a nice way to start out the new year, Janice; have FUN!!!

  4. What a lovely invitation! I wish I could join you, but I will have to settle for a virtual tea party, I'm afraid. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog, and I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I so so so so wish I were!
    Hope you have a lovely time!
    :-) HAPPY Holidays from this side of the globe :-)

  6. Happy Holidays, Janice! I would absolutely love to be there (but, will be arriving in Paris en route to Normandy on that day). Will be thinking about you and wishing I could be there. I will be in Chicago in late February, though ... Susan (Minneapolis)

    1. Let me know when you'll be here ( and we'll make plans!

    2. Wonderful! I'll be booking my ticket next week! I'll send an e-mail!

  7. Darn that sounds like fun! Thanks so much Janice for sharing your talent in wardrobe design. You have helped me so much in cleaning up and putting together my wardrobe. Just did some great shopping and had so few issues with decision making due to keeping to the plan!
    Have a great holiday and a delightful teatime!

  8. What a lovely idea. Have a wonderful time!

  9. "And they'll know they are Vivienne's by their scarves, by their scarves, yes they'll know they are Vivienne's by their scarves..."

    Have fun!

  10. WOW! I wish I could join you. But this gives me an idea....I would love to do a meetup for tea for viviennefiles "fans" here in Los Angeles.

    If anyone one reads this and is interested, please reply. And maybe Janice would be kind enough to mention it??? (smile)

  11. I am so happy to find a blogger in my area (NW IN) Maybe i can make it to a future tea party!
    Just found your blog and enjoying it very much!
    Tammy @ Silverstyle