Saturday, December 29, 2012

Capsule Wardrobe 2013 accent: Dusk Blue, casual

Pantone, bless their silly hearts, actually gave us TEN "new" colors for Spring and Summer 2013.  Now we, as wise humans, understand that you can't invent a color, but we also appreciate that the Pantone nod of approval means that these colors will be available in stores.  So if we're considering a new accent color for 2013, we are going to have choices...

Dusk blue is pretty, versatile, flattering to most of us, and easy to mix with your current core wardrobe.

Sweater – Topshop, cardigan – J. Crew, silk tee- Steffen Schraut, earrings – Alexis Bittar

Spring/Summer 2013 Pantone colors

all clothes - J. Crew


  1. Have tzrouble with choosing blues, but like this one a lot. May have to do a bit of pre-spring shopping. Love the silk tee.

    Wishing you many wonderful things in 2013, andhuge thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of planning my wardrobe. Happy New Year!!.

  2. I am hunting for the perfect denim chambray shirt...will check out JCrew.
    I got a lovely sparkly JCrew necklace for Christmas and I'd like to pair it with denim...

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday Janice.

  3. Next up: I'd love to see a combination of poppy and nectarine. Thinking how pretty these 2 would go with the linen neutral!
    Oh the possibilities!

  4. Can't wait to see the wonderful combinations you will dream up for us. A few years ago, I bought an EF linen knit sweater in 'tender shoot' (who dreams up these silly names???), and I will be for once au courant. Happy New Year, Janice, and many thanks.

  5. Lots of material for your blog, I'm looking forward to Spring 2013. Happy New Year!

  6. Looking forward to the Tender Shoots & Nectarine entries, as they are the shades best matched to my colouring.

  7. Good point. Use the trends to pick up our colours when they are plentiful.