Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Six-pack: royal blue & grey

Cardigan – Patagonia, tee shirt – Proenza Schouler, grey pants - Reiss, grey gloves – Jardin des Orangers, scarf – Faliero Sarti, grey coat – Reiss, tote – Deux Lux, loafers – Jason Wu

Grey sweaterJardin des Orangers, jeans – Allsaints, earrings – Asos, watch – Bulova,  plaid shirt – J. Crew, long-sleeved tee – Patagonia, blue stone necklace – Nuovegioie, faceted sapphire bracelet – Aaron Jah, turtleneck – H&M, skirt – Opening Ceremony, boots – Rachel Comey


  1. Very pretty. I wear my short boots always with matching colored tights. Am I right about that?

  2. Ok, I think I'm getting the hang of this - to travel, a tshirt and slacks, cardigan and coat. Lots of layers for various climates (in airports, in planes, in cars, waiting outside, waiting inside...) Then, in the bag, two sweaters, two layerable tops, another pair of pants and a skirt. One pair of flats, one pair of low boots.

    I felt very "Vivienne" the other day - I wore indigo jeans, a navy-and-white striped T, red v-neck sweater, cobalt scarf that picked up the jeans, and my red wool peacoat! Red socks, of course!

  3. Great punch of colour Janice!
    Love that cobalt shade of blue as it is almost royal blue.

  4. What I am truly enjoying from all of these groups, is how chic and timeless they all are. They are timeless pieces that would look good on. They will make you feel quite feminine and beautiful. m.

  5. Ok, Janice, I did it! A six pack of my own for Thanksgiving, inspired by you.


    (Can I mention how chic I feel -- and this collection looks -- yay! Thank you!)

    And I had to edit down a piece to get it to 6 "in the bag", which is probably good discipline.

    1. Sara, I went over to Polyvore and looked at your six pack. Brava! You will look fab in these outfits!