Friday, November 16, 2012

Six-pack: Red, White, & Blue (bleu, blanc et rouge?)

I've got SIX six-packs lined up (does that make a thirty-six pack?), to get all of us holiday travelers sorted out before the winter holiday season gets into full swing...

Cardigan – Madewell, tee – Comme des Garcons, jeans – Vanessa Bruno, scarf – Becksondergaard X Sparrow, mittens – Aubin & Wills, duffle coat – YMC Gloverall, bag – Vera Bradley, loafers - Chloe

marled blue sweater – Rachel Comey, red jeans – Christopher Kane, red earrings – toosis, watch – Kate Spade, silk shirt – J. Crew, Plaid shirt – Boy by Band of Outsiders, garnet & pearl necklace – Blue Nile, bracelet – Chan Luu, boots – Acne, red dots sweater – Vanessa Bruno, skirt – Comme des Garcons

Of course, many of us would toss in a couple of extra pieces of jewelry, another scarf or two, and maybe even a extra tee shirt...


  1. This casual travel wardrobe is right up my alley! And I love the idea of switching things up with a pretty skirt. Now to see if I can translate this into my colors. Maybe black, tan and coral...

  2. Ooh, I love this set. So right for now.
    I'm getting used to your new format, I wouldn't miss your posts for anything they make my day.

  3. Completely off topic, sorry...I am thinking of buying some boots. The ones I'm looking at are casual, black, flat, up to the knee. I've never owned a pair. How do you wear boots with pants. Tucked in or out? Only skinny jeans tucked in? Can boot cut pants really look okay worn over knee high boots?

    Thanks for any advice, from anyone!

  4. I'm going off-topic as well... But do you think you might do a post on underpinnings sometime soon? I'm sure Vivienne would have something to say about VPL! (: Anyway, the cotton granny-panties just aren't cutting it anymore, but I really don't see myself in any of the Victoria's Secret (ahem) lingerie either. What do French women wear to feel sexy but still look smooth and line-free?


  5. Great set! I happen to own the navy blue Vera Bradley tote and it's fantastic. You get all 33 pieces of a wardrobe into it, if need be!

    I realize I need to get over my fear of polka dots and argyle. For reason, both scare me as being 'too much' in clothing, but I'm completely comfortable with a lot of pattern in scarves. Sigh.

    I'm driving cross country for, what I hope will be, my third and final time this year, just after Thanksgiving. I'm going to have Vivienne Files marathon to set up my packing strategy.

  6. Oh,oh, this one is for me!! Thank you, Janice! Lots to consider here.

  7. I am really enjoying the six pack series. And I adore red and blue together here. No American flag in sight, just happy outfits.