Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Paris: Hotel Pavillon des Lettres

Yes, quotes from Ibsen, in French, on the fabric wall above our bed.  How cool is that?

Our hotel was perfect.  It's rare that anybody can say that with complete sincerity, but in this case, there was absolutely nothing we would have changed.

The Pavillon des Lettres is a 26-room hotel, designed around the theme of authors.  Rather than numbering the rooms, they assign each of them a letter (hence the 26 works our very well).  Each room is then dedicated to an author who's last name begins with the letter of the room.

We stayed in Ibsen.  It was very small by the American standard of "one must be able to square-dance in one's hotel room" (yet another reason to pack lightly!), but exquisitely designed, quiet, and comfortable.

Anybody who believe that Parisians are rude has never stayed at this hotel - these people were charming, helpful, and good-looking!  If I wanted to practice speaking French, they were willing to correct my errors with good humor, and if I was too exhausted to speak at all, they knew what room we were in, and took care of us with unfailing kindness.

The location on the Rue des Saussaies was convenient to the Madeleine, the Champs Elysee, and the Louvre.  Proximity to the Palais de l'Elysee (President's residence) meant that there was enough security in the neighborhood to make ANYBODY feel secure.  And it seemed that every cab driver in Paris was familiar with the street, which was handy when I was too tired to get into a map-studying session with someone.

There's a bustling "American-style" restaurant just down the street, so there is some street noise at around closing time, but it's just enough that you feel like you're in Paris...

Why yes, the entire bathroom DOES have a glass wall, etched with another Ibsen quote.  There is a curtain which can be drawn if exhibitionist showering isn't your thing.

The wall opposite the head of our bed.  Free Wifi, a large-screen tv, a closet with shelves on the left and the hanging closet on the right.  Yet ANOTHER reason to pack lightly...

Across the street - the Department of the Interior.  Abundant security in this neighborhood...

Beautifully illuminated at night - a welcome oasis after a busy day!

And OH YEA!!!! breakfast in your room is included in your room charges, if you choose to bypass the breakfast buffet.  Infinitely civilized...


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  1. So wish I was there!! Breakfast in a wonderful hotel room sounds just perfect to me!

  2. A beautiful room, small yet very efficient. You give a good reminded to travel lightly for several reasons.

    Thanks for sharing


  3. Love the look of this hotel. Must make a note of it for when we next visit Paris.

  4. So beautiful! - Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Oh, swoon...I love these photographs. Thanks so much for sharing them, Janice. I'll be fantasizing about autumn in Paris all day.

  6. Le sigh. Janice, this looks so wonderful.

  7. Oh, that looks wonderful! Bookmarking for future reference.

  8. What a wonderful setting! As a former literature major, I would be completely smitten with the theme (and wouldn't forget my hotel room number.)

  9. We are traveling to Paris for a wedding in the spring -- so I booked us a room here. Thanks for the review. It looks like our kind of place -- small, intimate, safe, great service. Merci from California!

  10. This is my kind of hotel, such a wonderful room to stay in!

    Art by Karena

  11. Dearest Janice, you deserve the most wonderful of Parisian vacations, I'm so happy you're there. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures and to hear your excellent diagnoses of what's going on in the world of French style -- on the street, in the restaurants, etc. Will look forward to some "chic sightings" posts! Enjoy that fabulous bijoux of a hotel. XOXO

  12. It’s fantastic! French interiors never fail to create an impact. Always sophisticated and chic. That’s why I’m in no hurry to reserve a hotel suite for my trip. I know, regardless of how big or small, there’s always something to look forward to. ;]

  13. I liked the fabric wall behind your bed. This reminds me of the hotel we checked in to last time we were Paris. The wall had a quotation from Diderot's “Les Bijoux Indiscrets”. Literature has been always part of French culture, I guess. This is why it is even included on most hotel interiors.

  14. I have been lucky enough to visit Paris twice and I must say the each time I was there, all the rude Parisians were on vacation somewhere else. It didn't hurt that I could say in French that I didn't speak French and was English possible? I'm looking forward to retiring soon and spending more time travelling. I think I'll revisit Paris again. But now, I know how to pack.

    Warm regards,
    Louise P