Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A dress for all seasons: Grey

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, necklace – Swarovski, blazer – Rag & Bone, pumps – Jimmy Choo, sweatshirt/denim jacket – Jet by John Eshaya, brooch – Georg Jensen, silver flats – Gianvito Rossi

Today, I'm over at A Femme d'un Certain Age, where I explore the possibilities of this grey cotton dress (which has an interior drawstring - how cool is that?).  



  1. Chic and comfy year round - gotta love it. Those Parisians are really onto something with the neutral dress. (I just wish you had put together the ensemble for which a dress with an interior drawstring is best suited: Thanksgiving dinner! I'm imagining a scarf that converts to bib-style napkin as the ultimate accessory.)

  2. On my way there now; thanks for the heads-up. I'm into the "cools" and I love a soft, dove gray but I can't pull it off in a dress; makes me look fat (fatter). But I think it's a really elegant color, looks luxe, so gorgeous paired with a pale yellow...really is an incredible neutral which can go with just about anything. I wear it in tops, scarves, blazers, sweaters, shoes...maybe I just haven't found the right dress or skirt, so I'll consider yours! I did have a deep charcoal skirt I wore for years.

  3. I like the drawstring idea also. When I first looked at the dress it reminded me of my maternity wear from about 20 to 25 years ago. ;)

  4. Is it for sale online so I can see a few more pictures of just the dress?
    Does it have a name?

    Thank for an inspiring post as always.


    1. It's available on Thanks!

    2. I found it at Bloomingdale's as well. And, not thanks to you, Janice, there are now TWO dresses that I feel I MUST have for my wardrobe! This blog is going to ruin me! ;-)