Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preparing for fall...

I'm over at A Femme d'un Certain Age today, where I explore the packing possibilities of brown and green, with an eye toward slightly cooler weather.  Given that I actually woke up this morning UNDER the covers (for the first time in months), it seems very timely!


  1. Woke up under the down comforter today in Minnesota, too. What a wonderful, wonderful posting today. Am planning to do the same (but with more of a mossy or olivey green) -- core in brown and in green this autumn. Thank you so much for bringing me such pleasure. Susan

  2. Have not only been waking up under the covers for a couple of days - here in Vienna fall its rushing in with lots of rain today - but been back to wearing scarves around the neckline!!
    Love your choice of colors, although I don't know if I would wear them in that combination ;-)

  3. What is interesting to me about this collection is that it is predominantly medium tones. I am not really sure if that is expressed correctly! In the full collection you have some lighter tops but by and large both main colors are mid-range I guess you would say. They look terrific together! I am neither a brown or this shade of green person, but I love how this looks.

  4. Mint and brown.. what a lovely pair and a great way to zest up fall colors. Love it. Thanks for the idea :-)
    All the best,

  5. Lovely colors...and off to Tish's to see more!

    Art by Karena

  6. Dear Janice, I found your blog not long ago, and I am getting so much pleasure while reading your Vivienne Files! And I feel how imperfect my own style is...
    Would you please post something for the people with green eyes? Thank you in advance :)

  7. Dear Janice,
       Thank you!!
       The colours are lovely; and the green, perfect!
       I haven't worn greens with browns often, tending to blue with my fair skin; but I am going to bring out all the pieces I have, and put them together.
       I really. love. this.
       The travel wardrobe for my upcoming trip is now inspired!